Getting ready to take the Kaplan for Baker?

  1. Is anyone else getting ready to take the Kaplan entrance exam for Baker-flint? What have you done to study for it? We are having a study group at the library but I still nervous. Has anyone already taken it?
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  3. by   Despareux
    I just took mine today. I hope you did well!
  4. by   blue_eyed_mommy
    I took mine today too! I must have seen you there! How did you do? I was happy to find out that no one had gotten over a 90%, I got a 82% but I have a 4.0 with no transfer credits/retakes.
  5. by   Despareux
    I didn't do so hot. I got a 79% with a gpa of 3.98. But I got 100% on the reading--if that counts for anything.

    Congratulations! You have a great score.
  6. by   blue_eyed_mommy
    Congrats on the 100% on the reading! I did really well on almost everything, scores in the 90s. But when it came to the science part I got a 60%. I was pretty sure that would happen, the teacher I had for A&P got fired from Baker. We never took a test and he left every class after about 20 mins. It was a joke. But hopefully it didn't hurt me too bad and I still get it! I wish we didn't have to wait until August to find out! I think I am going to call during the second week of July and see what I can find out. At least my final points total! They said the scores were a lot lower than the people that took the Hesi, so I hope we are both okay!

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