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I just went to speak to a counselor at the Highland Lakes Campus @ Oakland Community College, to get started on my Nursing (RN) Pre-reqs. He told me pretty much everything that I have been... Read More

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    Quote from whosurdaddy
    Kimberly that prof's last name starts with a ------. he's awesome.

    Thats funny whos, I'm actually taking a spanish class now. Thanks for the heads up.

    Well, I would LOVE to be done with all my pre-req's in a year (or less) and the more I think about it and listen/read the posts, I do want to do whatever I can to get all A's and taking less of a load would help me with that, but I think I can handle a few of the easier classes a couple at a time (One hard class and one easier class). Any advise on which classes are the easiest? I'm a pretty good student in general....
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    Found the instructor that whos mentioned. Thanks for the heads up....I'll keep his name handy
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    i think all of the non-science classes are easier. i would take comp 1 & 2 over the summer along with psych and soc and a ap1 class as long as its not an 8 week class, thats too much work in too short of a time and make sure you get an A, if you cant get into an ap class this summer than i would take it down a notch and take only 2 classes at a time because there would be no way to take ap1 and ap2 in the fall, so no reason to rush. if your working full time this type of schedule will be very difficult.
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    It is great to take only the good or easy professors but sometimes it doesn't work out. Luckily, I had a good teacher for chemistry but I still wasn't sure I could get an A so I asked around the school and found a tutor. We met once a week, went over my homework and I did get an A. It was hard work tho.
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    Quote from whosurdaddy
    anne36 as you and i both know if your crying in a prereq class you will be in the mental ward within a month at nursing school.
    Gpa admission is still the best way to go. a lot of schools have lower gpa's but they also have a 3yr waiting list. the great thing about occ is they are hooked up with OU so as soon as you grad from OCC you can transfer to OU. NO waiting list, no admit process, nothing.
    even the schools that dont have waiting lists have an interview you have to ace to get into school. i dont about the rest of you but i wouldnt want a panel of 5 people deciding my fate based on an interview.

    Kimberly that prof's last name starts with a G and the last part of his last name means large in spanish. he's awesome.

    Do you have more information regarding the OCC OU hookup? I know about the whole "oakland to oakland" thing but I thought that was only in relation to things like financial aid, and the fact that classes definitely transfer.

    Does this mean that you are 'automatically in' to the OU RN-BSN program?

    More informatoin on this would be appreciated.
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    no your not automatically in
    you still have to apply, you just dont have to go through their RN admittance steps
    you dont have to be put on the however long waiting list they have for the BSN program
    i dont know about the financial aid aspect of it
    i think there is more info in the nursing office
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    I met with the nursing program counselor at HL campus today. I am almost done with my pre-req's but I do have one B+ transferring in from another college for ENG 1510. It brings my pre-req GPA down to a 3.94 (everything else A's). She told me I should re-take the class and I agree based on how high the GPA was this year. Can't believe a 3.94 isn't good enough, but I'm not willing to chance it. She did tell me that "they" (whomever they are) are reviewing the selection criteria and comtemplating some changes. One change - removing some of the pre-reqs and also the possibility of adding a pre-req, namely Pathophys which is currently only offered at Auburn Hills. She indicated that if they asked her opinion she would suggest that the changes not apply until Dec 2012 (meaning those people applying by this Dec 2011 would still use the old criteria) - because AH only offers one Pathophys session only at AH and there's no way everyone that wants to apply this Dec (for Fall 2012) could get in.

    So, you'll find me taking another silly writing class this summer. Grrrrrrrr.
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    I think they should make the bio and organic chemistry class (currently a "recommended" elective) a definite prereq..and of course only allow 1 retake of any given class. That will make the GPA cutoff go down.

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