Equipment stores in Metro Detroit or Saginaw?

  1. Hi everyone!!

    I am in the nursing program at Saginaw Valley, but I am from metro detroit. Do any of you know of good places in either area to get equipment (stethoscopes, nursing shoes, etc.)?

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  3. by   TiffanyRN!!
    Try Life uniform stores, they have several locations. One is on 11mile and Hoover in warren, mi inside the shopping plaza. That's where I get my supplies from. Hope that helps.
  4. by   WayneStateKatie
    I also really like Life Uniform (though I usually use the one at 13 and woodward by Beaumont). Anna's Uniforms on Woodward north of 9 mile has a very large selection too (and they will make custom scrubs/ alterations if you're a size that's hard to find or fit). Both have a pretty good selection of shoes as well. I usually go into the stores and try on scrubs and shoes and to test out the equipment before I settle on a brand or style. Often I will order the items online once I'm sure about which ones I want (because the savings can be considerable versus purchasing in the store).

    A lot of people will plug because of their inexpensive prices but I have had HORRIBLE customer service issues with them (and it's not just an isolated incident. There have been many threads on here where others have had issues with them as well). Plus I think their shipping is expensive.

    If you go through, I have found Marcus Uniforms to have a ton of scrub, shoe, steth etc options. Their prices are among the lowest I have found for scrubs and Littmans, and they offer $6 flat rate shipping on orders under $100 and free shipping on all orders over $100 (which if you're buying a Littman and a couple pairs of scrubs you're going to hit that mark with no problem).

    I've also been to local Scrubs and Beyond (the one on maple (15 mile) in troy). I was not impressed with their selection, and they were very expensive. I know there is also a huge scrub store in Hamtramck on Joseph Campau though I haven't been there yet. From what I have heard from others who shop there the prices are very reasonable.
  5. by   bear_mom
    Career Uniforms in Saginaw has a decent selection scrubs, shoes and equipment. I buy my shoes other places though, as I like the Dansko and none of the scrub/uniform places around here carry them.