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Hi, Just wondered if anyone else out there was applying to this program? Also does anyone know how many people applied last year and how many were accepted? TIA.... Read More

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    Congratulations on your acceptance letter!!! I ended up not applying this year. I just didn't think I had enough points to be competitive. Do you by any chance know how many points a person needed to have to be competitive?

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    I don't know- my letter didn't say and I never asked about my points. I guess I should have, but I didn't want to obsess over that,too

    Just FYI - I had full TEAS points and all my pre-reqs were taken at EMU. I had a 3.87 GPA in those classes. I think that you almost have to take the 3 science classes at Eastern these days to be competitive. Have you applied anywhere else this year? Good luck with your journey; I am sure you'll find the right place for you.
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    I would have gotten full points for the TEAS, points for healthcare experience, and I took 3 pre-requisities at EMU. Where I lost points was for the A & P sequence, I had to count a B and re-taking it wouldn't have made much of a difference since they average the grades. I wouldn't have gotten the full points for the A&P I and II and the organice chem GPA. My friend just graduated this year from EMU's accelerated program. She's studying now for the NCLEX exam at the end of June. Again, congratulations and good luck in nursing school!
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    I saw online that EMU has some information sessions in July, so I am going to try to attend one since I haven't been to one since 2008. I saw on the 2007 points criteria sheet that you got points for any of the science pre-requisites done at EMU, so is that still true or do you get points for any of the 8 pre-requisites taken at EMU?
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    The info sheet I got last year just said that you get credit for ‘any an all pre-req courses taken at EMU. “ I think there is a 29 pt. max on this. Someone told me recently that you get 1 pt. per credit hour – I’m not sure if everything is weighted the same I know that the 3 science classes (A&P I/II and Orgo) are really the ones you need to worry about. I doubt many people retake Gen Ed classes, unless they need to raise their GPA.

    So, bottom line is -- either take the 3 classes at EMU and get A’s or have a lot of health care experience. I read somewhere that the healthcare maxes out at 20 pts., but I am not sure if that’s still true.

    I hope this helps. If I find out more details about the score cut-off for this year, I’ll post here.

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