Eastern Michigan University Traditional (BSN) Nursing Program Fall 2013 - page 3

Hello all! I just turned in my application today and was wondering if anyone has heard what the exact cut off point was for the point system for last years applicants. I've heard rumors of 153... Read More

  1. by   marconner2011
    Hi everyone,

    I applied for the upcoming fall semester and I'm just waiting on my acceptance letter.
  2. by   evacutting
    I have a 3.67 science GPA, two As and a B, so I don't know where that puts me in terms of GPA points. I know with a 4.0 science GPA you get 125, but I don't know how they deduct from there. Does anyone else know? That would help me figure out how many points I have. I got the full 20 from the TEAS, 5 for NUR 110, and I took 14 credit hours worth of prereqs at EMU. I don't how many points I have, I just hope it's enough.
  3. by   B5421
    Last year I had 110 points for gpa with 2 a's and a b-
  4. by   25GREENHEARTS
    I'm also applying next year for fall admission!! I'm beyond excited. Which one are you applying to?
  5. by   tmccormi25
    Well, the letters are supposed to come out this week. Reading other people's stats on here makes me nervous. Eeek!
  6. by   Valadentmich
    Hi everyone!

    I am anxiously awaiting a letter in the mail as well, Good luck!
  7. by   kames1
    Letters went out yesterday and today. We should all have decisions by Saturday they said. Did anyone get an acceptance letter today? I am so anxious!!
  8. by   marconner2011
    I received my letter today. I'm so happy.
  9. by   B5421
    Thanks for the update! What did you apply with?
  10. by   B5421
    And congrats!!
  11. by   Valadentmich
    I just got my acceptance letter in the mail!
  12. by   marconner2011
    I applied with 167 points. Congrats.
  13. by   kames1
    Quote from marconner2011
    I received my letter today. I'm so happy.
    Congratulations and kudos on the great point total! Are you Rn to Bsn or traditional?