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I just turned in my application package to the EMU Nursing office. I was wondering if anyone else is out there waiting for the letter on June 15th. So excited and good luck to everyone!!... Read More

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    cbrooks, Most of the prof's are ok with using an older edition....but I never did. I always wanted the most updated version do to any changes at all. They will use the most recent edition. So my advice is don't cheap out on your life line...those books are read from cover to cover.

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    ATI .....is a killer. It is used in the calculation of your course grade for most of your classes. It depends on your Prof as to how much they weigh. when you guys get started you will get study guides from the nursing office....read them. The ATI exams are based off of them not necessarily your course lectures. Also they will hit you with a fee around a hundred bucks to get started : )
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    Cbrooks...lol..breathe. here is the lowdown regarding text books. At the end of the semester -------------- was working on a package deal through elsevier. My study partner swears by the ebook. I personally bought both. Why? Well I like to traditionally read yet don't care much about carrying 500 lbs of books to class. Those online versions are great for in class. You can highlight, take notes etc. Yet, when I'm home I like the hard copy. It's really up to your personal preference. 275 is going to be a writing course. Get the most updated APA. I don't think we had any other text for that class. 220 depending on who you have. These Prof will email you a few weeks before class with your syllabi. Like I said Potter and Perry and read. All your classes link so it is the back bone of your first semester.
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    Personally I can't imagine carrying a med dic or any reference for that matter in a clinical setting. Everyone uses smart phone apps epocrates is awesome and I can tell you we all benefit from it. Don't waste your money on those med dic, term, etc books. It's not as helpful as your phone apps.

    One more thing....I see you all are not taking my advice and enjoying the rest of the summer...lol...it's ok it will settle down once you get going. Again congrats to you all.
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    Im planning on getting the most updated version of all the books we need im just debating on whether to get ebooks for hard copies. I really cant afford to have both but I cant decide what to get. I dont have a smart phone with any apps so that doesnt due me any good, but I dont want to carry all those books to class everyday yet I am more of a visual person and would like to have the books infront of me. but then again having the books on the comp seems very convienent.. i cant make up my mind.
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    I contacted the professor, and was also contacted by Elsevier regarding the discrepancies and was told that although the online packages do not match the list, it is only because of a glitch with the website and that the packages contain everything on the printout we received. In addition, the E-book package contains a study guide for the Potter text that is not available online and I was told that the printed version will be mailed instead.

    The professor said there would be an additional text required for Nurs 220.

    I am going to get the Potter book in both online and printed version. Any other required texts I'm going to try to find as E-Book rentals Reading a chapter or more off a monitor is intolerable to me and even on an ipad it gets uncomfortable. Conversely, doing assignment and writing papers from the e-book is amazing when you can search for keywords. On Tom's advice, I'm going to skip purchasing the package though because between the free Medscape and Lippencott iphone apps, I can't see carrying two bible-size reference books in my scrub pocket
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    I guess i just dont understand, obviously during clincals you dont want to carry around huge heavy books but if you get the ebooks are you supossed to carry around your lab top? I mean I dont have a smart phone with all those apps so Im just trying to figure out the best option
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    I think the print versions might be better if you dont have a smartphone. I'm not sure exactly how the clinicals are, but if you have to quickly double check a dosage or identify a pill up on the unit, you probably wont have your laptop/computer on your person. The nursing students at the hospital I worked at kinda had to stash all that stuff in lockers. The references I have seen are typically small enough to fit in the pockets of a scrub jacket or cargo pocket but I don't know if the ones recommended are pocket size or not.
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    Hi Everyone,

    I just applied to Eastern's Traditional BSN program a few weeks ago and I was wondering if you had any tips on what my chances are of being accepted. This is my first semester there but I am taking organic chemistry, Nurs 110, and lifespan psychology there. My grade point thus far up to this point is a 4.0, although I am struggling in organic chem. I scored very well on the TEAS but I have absolutely no work experience. Have any of you been accepted without work experience? Thanks so much for the input.

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    Hi Krystal, try and get a tutor or do whatever you have to do to get an A in organic chem, that will really help your points situation out since you do not have very many EMU credits and no work experience. Everything is based on a point system. When I was accepted last year I was only at EMU for one semester like you so I didn't get very many points in that section but I was able to pull of an A in organic chem and I did have health care experience. Although I do know people who got in without health care experience. Study hard for organic chem, and good luck to you!

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