Eastern Michigan University (EMU) Traditional Nursing Program Fall 2011

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    Anyone apply to the traditional nursing program for the fall? Have you heard anything back yet?

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    I heard from someone that we should find out by early next week.
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    Okay cool. I am soo anxious!!!
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    Did anyone hear from EMU this weekend? I didn't really expect to, but I am so tired of waiting......... :zzzzz
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    I didn't hear anything yet. Hopefully Monday we will hear something back. I was told that we will get an email.
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    Thanks, Britt. I applied for the 2nd bachelor's, but I assume they notify everyone in the same way. Finger's crossed for both of us.....
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    Yeah I'm sure they will just email everyone. What are your stats? How did u do on the TEAS?
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    Last year we heard on the 11th. They sent everyone a letter. Last year I had a 4.0 all TEAS points and didn't get in. I took my pre reqs over at EMU this past winter and got A's again. I have done everything I could so I'm hopeful this year. Good luck to everyone.
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    Hi Tommy2001,

    I also applied last year with about a 3.8-3.9 gpa. 15/20 on the TEAS and most of my prereqs taken at eastern. I didn't get in. I am hoping to get in this time around. I retook the TEAS and got 20/20 and I also now have job experience. My lowest grade is a B+ so there is really nothing for me to take over. Last year were all of your classes transfer classes?
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    Hey Brit, Crazy isn't it. Ya all my courses were transfers, so I re-took them at Eastern this past semester to get my points. I read my rejection letter like five times last year. I thought there was a mistake!! lol...You must have just missed it last year. I know I was five points from the cut off. I have a feeling there isn't going to be as many apps this year and we are sitting in a better position. I will let you know if I hear anything we should know this week. Keep your fingers crossed!

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