Dorsey's LPN Program

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    Hello everyone! I'm new on here and am hoping to get some help on deciding on an LPN school to go to...
    Does anyone have any experience with Dorsey's LPN program or any of their other medical programs for that matter? I can't find much online and when I search their reviews its quite scary. I'm looking forward to everyone's input and thank you all very much in advance!

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    No. I'm still tryna get some info about this program myself.
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    I just graduated from Dorsey for the LPN program. It is a good program taught by registered nurses. The clinical rotations are done all throughout the year, one day out of the week and then the rest of your classes within that week. It is an accelerated program and it runs in 6 week module. With that being said, you have new classes every six weeks. I would advise that you work part time if possible. There is a lot of homework in addition to nursing care plans that need to be written as part of your clinical rotation.
    I have two coworkers that went to Everest and their classes run the same pace however, they have more traditional night classes. If you take classes at night, you will also have a clinical rotation also at night. Both schools run about $25,000, I believe Everest is a little more though. Both schools are accredited by the Michigan Board of Nursing. Hopefully this information was helpful. Good luck.
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    Thank you so much jmo 1968.
    I'll be attending the October 26th info seminar. I'm sure it will be very helpful.
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    Im going to orientation Nov 2, what times where your classes? I remember someone telling me they were 9am-1pm mon-fri?
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    Went to the orientation back in Nov. Took the Teas V Entrance u must get a 45 I got a a 54 ( I didnt have time to study I just got the practice test book frm the library) wrote an essay and I got accepted I start Monday Jan7 !! Im excited.....
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    Congrats.... when does the next class start???
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    Thanx ;not sure but I think the spring. Did you want to go?
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    Yes. When i went to the seminar bk n October they said the classes were starting the beginning of January, which i was not ready for. So I'm hoping that its one in the spring. Plz keep us posted.
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    where is dorsey located?

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