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Hello Everyone! I am almost finished with my pre-req's, however, I have hit a bump in the road. I need to take a certain class that has been filled at my campus(Baker College of Flint). I cannot take any of my other classes... Read More

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    kim2010: thank you for the tip! iíve already been working hard and reading and rereading things (i have to read chapters at least twice for everything to stick anyways. the first time i read a chapter, only certain things stick.)
    what hospitals have you been at for clinicals? did you end up getting sent to a hospital far from where you live? what has been your favorite clinical rotation so far?
    iím glad that the majority of the nurses are wonderful! iíve read horror stories on here about clinical instructors and the nurses on the floors being rude and degrading to nursing students.
    itís awesome to hear that you become really close with the other nursing students! none of my friends were accepted with me, so i was nervous about who was going to be my support system throughout the program. iím not nervous anymore though, thank you! iím glad that you become friends and like family with the people that youíre with.
    do you have a myspace or facebook, or an e-mail that i could e-mail you at if i have any questions? itíd be nice to get to know someone that is already in the program.

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    Check your Baker E-mail
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    jcolli01 - Which Baker are you at and how are you liking it?

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