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Is anyone else waiting for their letters?? Im interested to hear how many points people have and how they did on the kaplan!... Read More

  1. by   Kier721
    I got in with 91.5. I didn't hear the rumor of 93 and up but it doesn't suprise me. The rumors around getting into the program are rediculous!
  2. by   Kier721
    I want to say there was 90-100 people applying not including re-applicants.
  3. by   jrayl
    congrats kier721! Im excited to get our schedules! I thought she said mid July but must have been wrong. Just eager to start!
  4. by   Kier721
    I was a little eager also and called, ha! Schedules should be mailed out by end of this week.
  5. by   jrayl
    They are posted online under our registration now!
  6. by   Kier721
    Does anyone else have clinicals on Thursday and Friday? I only ask because a friend of mine just has Thursday. We were wondering if it was a mistake, does anyone else have clinicals both days?
  7. by   jrayl
    I have clinicals just Thursday, Fridays off. Hmm I wonder why yours says both days.
  8. by   Kier721
    I'm sure it will get sorted out once we start. I'll ask at orientation maybe.

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