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Did anyone take the kaplan last month for baker college clinton township? Im stressing out waiting to see if I'll get in. I have a 3.99 and scored a 79% on the kaplan. My total points are 25.8 not... Read More

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    Quote from kguy02
    I was accepted to baker of clinton township for this fall. Congrats on your acceptance
    Congrats! know how many times I have heard the word "congrats" these last few weeks.
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    Congrats to all of you! I just got my acceptance to Baker Cadillac Nursing I'm excited and nervous!
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    Could someone please tell me how to calculate the points? Because its saying double weighted courses x2 and single weighted courses X1.. SO.. for instance in AP1 i have an A...4.0 so is that 8 points? Doesnt seem correct.
    Thanks for the help and knowledge anyone can provide.
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    Congrats.. I am sorry if this seems off topic, I am just finishing up my last semester and will be applying in summer for the program in muskegon. Could you explain how point are totaled? for instance i have A's in everything except A&P 2 which i ended with a B-. No transfer credits in, never applied, and never repeated. I am just confused, because If i am understanding it right, they are saying double wieghted courses.. are X2.. so is that 4.0 X2?
    Thanks for any knowledge you can offer.
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    science classes (AP Micro Patho, etc) are worth 2 points and general ed classes are worth one point. go to the nursing office they have forms that explain exactly how they calculate your total score. if i am not mistaken the point system has just recently changed.
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    Thanks Nslate... still alittle confused, so if i get a A and someone else gets a B-, we both get the same points???