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  1. Hello,

    Just wondering if anyone could answer a few questions for me. I am interested in the LPN program at Schoolcraft! I will need to do all the pre-reqs first. A little backround I have been a stay at home mom for 10 yrs with 3 kids, and my youngest is 2, so I would like to go back to school slowly. I have to go back slowly for a few reasons.

    1. Cost (I have to pay for classes 1 by 1), can't get financial aid!
    2. Childcare for the 2 year old, Hubby works alot & I don't have anybody to watch the 2yr old during the day, so my classes will have to be taken at night! (my other 2 kids are in school)
    3. I have a few years to get it all done (pre-reqs) until my 2 yr old goes to school full time.

    Then I was hoping by the time he reaches school age I would be able to do the nursing program during the day as all my kids would be in school all day!

    So my main questions are,

    1. Is the 1st year of LPN at schoolcraft the same hours as it would be for RN? Are you in the same classes?
    2. How demanding is the program?
    3. What is the schedule like? ex: class one day & clinicals the other 2 days?
    4. Is the wait list the same as rn?
    5. Has anyone had a hard time finding work as an LPN here in Michigan?

    I know that hospitals do not hire LPN anymore, and I'm ok with that. Where do they hire LPNS these days?
    I am assuming it's LTC, Rehaps, and Doctor's offices! What is a typical starting pay?

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm a planner & need to know exactly what is ahead of me

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  3. by   JP2011
    LPN Program is the RN program. It is called the NCLC at Schoolcraft. The first year has one extra class to take the state LPN boards. The schedule is one day of classes, two of clinical or lab. The program is supposedly demanding (I'll tell you how much Fall 2011.) I know you have other road blocks but I urge you if this is what you want to do now start doing as much as possible now. You usually just have to pass the TEAS and an anatomy to get on the waiting list. A friend who I have tried to get to go to nursing school with me for three years called Schoolcraft tomorrow to see about applying, the informed her the wait list was steadily approaching four years. She regrets not doing it sooner with me. It took me so long to get accepted because I wasn't fully committed but I am so glad that I only have a two year wait as opposed to four.
  4. by   kcc3
    Thanks for the info! So the LPN is the same wait as the RN then? I kinda figured that the LPN is the same as RN (looking at their website), but I just wanted to be sure! I have to start at ground zero as far as all the math, english, psych, biol & so I do have time & I probally can only take 1 or 2 classes at the most, because we have to pay each sememster out of pocket! So that will slow me down some! Are you doing the RN or the LPN? Do you have all your classes out of the way? Thanks again for the quick response!
  5. by   JP2011
    I'm going all the way for the RN and going right back for my Bachelors then Masters in Anesthesia. I've waited long enough.I got accepted in June 2009 for Fall 2011. I am taking classes that I will need for graduate school now. I have everything out of the way. The only thing I will be taking are nursing courses and Spanish classes during the program.

    Is there a reason you don't want to do the RN right away? It is only two more semesters (approx 28 weeks). The thing is if you go back for the RN you have to hope they have spots available for you to finish there is you have to reapply.
  6. by   kcc3
    I will probally just go for the RN (everyone keeps telling me to just go that route). I'm almost 38 & have a long way to go, that's why I figured just do the LPN. Is that summer class for RN optional as in you don't have to take it at all or just optional for the summer. I know it is required for the LPN, but I wasn't sure for RN. Are you an ob tech right now? If so, what hospital do you work at? I would love to do something like that now to see if nursing is something I really want to do.. I'm thinking that I would have to do the CNA classes to get in the door, correct??

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm trying to get everything in order, so I can get moving on something....I'm not getting any younger
  7. by   JP2011
    It's never too late. I would just do the RN, I don't know how LPN job outlook is even though RN job outlook is not that good (right now). If you are doing RN I wouldn't take the summer LPN class. I work @ The Detroit Medical Center. I took a CNA class and it took me a year to get a job but I finally got my foot in the door. I took the CNA class at Schoolcraft. I really enjoyed it.
  8. by   kcc3
    Thanks so much for the advice! I'm new to all of this and I have not worked in 10yrs, but it is something I really want to do and always wanted to do! I will just go right for the RN! That seem that way to go! Why do you say not to take the summer LPN class! Waste of time? Does that one have clinicals? Thanks again....... you sound like you really know what you want in life at only 21 years old...good for you! I wish I had the same drive at that age...Here I am years & years have gone by and I'm starting out at the bottom! Yikes!
  9. by   JP2011
    I think so, you only have to take it to be able to take LPN boards, studying for LPN boards is a waste if you have to study for RN boards 28 weeks later. The summer course is advanced concepts of practical nursing, if you are going to be a RN you will learn info well above that.
  10. by   kcc3
    Thanks for the info!
  11. by   boat
    Keep in mind, some of the basic classes you need are available on-line and that's great since you have kids, but once you are in the program, you cannot pick the days and times of your classes. You will be assigned a lottery number and can list your preferences, but based on your number is how they are assigned.
    So, you could have night clinicals or lecture. If you can, like another poster stated, take the classes you need to allow you to turn in your application then focus on the other ones while you wait.
    Good luck to you!
  12. by   kcc3
    that is good advice! thank you!
  13. by   MsAshley
    Is the wait list as long for the LPN program as it is for the RN program? I would think that perhaps it would be a little shorter.
  14. by   boat
    Responding to MsAshley,
    There are no longer two seperate programs at schoolcraft. One big long waitlist. We all take the same courses the first year. Then, during the summer there is a capstone course that upon completion allows you to take the NCLEX for practical nursing and become an LPN.
    Or, you may choose to finish the second year and take the NCLEX-RN.

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