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So I was searching on the internet for LPN programs in Michigan or Ohio, and this school popped up. I've never heard of them, I was wondering if anyone else had? I called the phone number, and they said there's no wait for the... Read More

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    Honestly I wouldnt go to either Evert or DAvenport. I went to DU last sem and didnt get into the program for LPN 08 I got all A's and the Everst a girl in my class went there and she ended up coming back to class she said the program there is a joke. They had no teachers and handed her a binder with about 25 cds in it and that was her teacher and its more than any other program around i think she said 25. I go to American medical careers in Flint. Theyre about 20 but it could be less if you have taken some other classes. Good luck!
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    I just wanna tell some people this just so that you dont waste your time like I did.

    I currently go to American Medical careers in FLint. I went to davenport last sem and got all A's did good on everything. They have a waiting list they tell you they dont. but they do. On our last day of class final day a man came in and handed us some info on diff programs and aslo asked if any of you are going into nursing try and look into other programs we got 600 applicants for the program and only accept 30! I just got my denial letter from them last week. Kinda late also.

    Everst in southfield is a joke. A girl from my AP class went there and two weeks and came back to class. They were way more thean any program around i think she said 25 grand. She said they had no teacher they handed her a binder of cds about 25 or more and said study these. Honest to god.

    American Medical and Athnea and toldeo school of LPN i think are really good. I chose American because my AP classes they took and Athnea didnt. I went to athnea in May. and toledo wanted me to take the net. Im sorry but Im done with taking all these entrance exams.So I stuck with American Medical.

    NWLB I went to Mi works for this. you must go to an office for this. Fill out the paper work and take a test they will pay up to 10 grand for a one year program like the LPN I heard maybe 15. U have to make under 40 grand to apply to this. Its easy and worth it. Its free money but u need to do it fast. I hoped this helps.
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    Currently attending Athena Career Academy out of Monroe Mi.
    I will graduate in 4 days from their Certified Nursing Assistant program.
    Athena does have an LPN program. You have to drive to Toledo OH.
    I accepted the No worker left behind grant from Mi works. If your income
    is under $40,000 you should qualify. Not only did they pay $2050.00 for
    the program, it also provided money for new shoes, scrubs for your first
    job you accept, and also limited gas cards for travel.
    Athena in June recieved review of their program. They passed and will
    no longer be on conditional status. That means that possibly as early as
    October they will be able to accept financial aid (pell grants).
    Their program is $16,000 their are some unusual fees to enter program,
    and HESI test I believe they said. The CNA program seemed pretty good.
    The instructors are friendly. We had a LPN student with us on clinical
    rotation the other day and she says she likes the program.
    It is a tough decision. I really want to go to TSPN. However I am being
    told that you get what you pay for. Well, $9,400.00 may be all I can
    afford. I have a neighbor that is going to PSI paperwork and everything
    completed, just took NET just waiting for results. So I guess it is a personal decision.
    Also in regards to TSPN. They start a night 18 month program in Sept 2008,
    but it is already full. As of right now for the 12 month daytime
    M-F program the January 2009 program is full. Next available is March
    If anyone who has attended TSPN could tell us a little more about their
    program, it would be appreciated. I would like to do their program while
    working full time as a CNA. Humanly possible?:typing

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    Hey Nina, I'm going to TSPN on the 5th to take my money for registration and testing. I'm going to try for March class. The lady I spoke with over the phone the other day said the next testing day is in November so I'll be taking that.
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    Quote from Sirena922
    Hey Nina, I'm going to TSPN on the 5th to take my money for registration and testing. I'm going to try for March class. The lady I spoke with over the phone the other day said the next testing day is in November so I'll be taking that.
    That is the same class I want to enter March 2009. I would need to
    work as a CNA and do LPN. What area are you from? I'm out of Monroe
    Mi. Have you heard anything negative about TSPN?
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    What is WIA?

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    I live in Southfield and I'm going to take a cna class too before i start. I haven't heard anything bad about the school just that it's all what u make of it. You live closer than I do, but I'm going I don't care the distance. When r u going to take the test? I bought the book they recommended and it seems pretty basic, but that comprehension is what i'm struggling with so hopefully by November I'll be ok.
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    I've heard of WIA too but I'm not sure what it is. I know Detroit had a WIA program along time ago. I know u can get WIA through toledo if u live there.
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    When you get a job as a CNA They may help pay for some of it. I would ask before you get hired, and ask about working around your school schedule. I quit my job a few weeks ago, because it was a bit much with Med Surg. Im at PSI. The clinicals at our school can be days or evenings, im in the evening program.They are saying now dont count on having your choice of clinicals, they try to please everyone but next we will have 2 clinicals in 3 weeks. Good Luck
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    So Skitty444 u really like it huh? Is it anything like you thought it would be (school)? How are the clinicals and where r they located, if u can tell us that.

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