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Hello, anybody else out there awaiting acceptance letters for the fall 2012 at baker in clinton twp??... Read More

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    I took mine and delivered it personally on Friday, lol. Didn't want to chance the mail losing it, and even got copies of it made, lol. I know, I am silly. If you want look me up on face book. Same user name, just take to d and replace it with a space. I think I am the only one. I will create the group as soon as I get home, I will call it something like Baker College CT Nursing - Fall 2012. When we go to orientation, we can share it with whoever want it. I LOVE THAT WE ARE A TEAM and not competing against each other anymore. That was difficult, because there were so many people I liked, but I didn't really become friends because I wanted to do the best, without feeling obligated to help a friend do well too. Ya know? Anyway I hope we all become really close. I know it helps to have friends that relate. Plus you can hang out and study and no one will call you a dork for reviewing flash cards are mind maps or going over care plans or self testing on dosing formulas because we will all understand. Lol. And we wouldn't have to sacrifice our social life completely because we will have each other.

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    i just requested you on facebook...chellenicole are you going to create a group page? let me know if you need help
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    I going to start on it in about 15 minutes or so. It should be done and up and running by 10. I would like to make you a moderator. Inbox me on th with some good ideas for general guidelines etc.
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    join our FB group!
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    Awesome chelle!
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    ok well my link is against the rules..... so search for our group:

    Baker College CT-Nursing Class-2012

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    First 5 nursing classes are now listed as SAT on my step plan! I can't seem to find the group page on fb when I search for it. Does anyone know if the health department does titers?
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    I added you suzanne
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    Hey all! 5th term nursing student at Baker Clinton Twp. Congratulations to all who were accepted this term!!!

    1. Pre reading should come soon, take it in stride as there will be quite a bit to know prior to class. It's no joke!

    2. These classes are unlike any other classes you have taken especially in Pre-reqs. Be sure to study in and around the subjects!

    3. For those who have 0 hospital experience, soak in the challenges that it will bring and you will do fine! I started with none and have become quite comfortable in my own clinical skin.

    4. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS!!!! Especially of the older terms! You can usually find me in the halls with a Gray shirt. I'm am very hard to miss, my name is Dan and I will answer any and all questions that I can!!!

    5. Bakers nursing program is second to none! Our instructors care about your well being and your success! Be sure to make fast friends with them!!!

    Congrats once again it is a huge accomplishment!!!
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    Quote from suzanne26262000
    First 5 nursing classes are now listed as SAT on my step plan! I can't seem to find the group page on fb when I search for it. Does anyone know if the health department does titers?
    It may be a drive for some but the St. Clair Health Dept is very reasonable. They do titers and shots if necessary.

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