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Hello, anybody else out there awaiting acceptance letters for the fall 2012 at baker in clinton twp??... Read More

  1. by   chellehiller
    ok well my link is against the rules..... so search for our group:

    Baker College CT-Nursing Class-2012

  2. by   suzanne26262000
    First 5 nursing classes are now listed as SAT on my step plan! I can't seem to find the group page on fb when I search for it. Does anyone know if the health department does titers?
  3. by   mistydbuffa
    I added you suzanne
  4. by   Dmccollum
    Hey all! 5th term nursing student at Baker Clinton Twp. Congratulations to all who were accepted this term!!!

    1. Pre reading should come soon, take it in stride as there will be quite a bit to know prior to class. It's no joke!

    2. These classes are unlike any other classes you have taken especially in Pre-reqs. Be sure to study in and around the subjects!

    3. For those who have 0 hospital experience, soak in the challenges that it will bring and you will do fine! I started with none and have become quite comfortable in my own clinical skin.

    4. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS!!!! Especially of the older terms! You can usually find me in the halls with a Gray shirt. I'm am very hard to miss, my name is Dan and I will answer any and all questions that I can!!!

    5. Bakers nursing program is second to none! Our instructors care about your well being and your success! Be sure to make fast friends with them!!!

    Congrats once again it is a huge accomplishment!!!
  5. by   Dmccollum
    Quote from suzanne26262000
    First 5 nursing classes are now listed as SAT on my step plan! I can't seem to find the group page on fb when I search for it. Does anyone know if the health department does titers?
    It may be a drive for some but the St. Clair Health Dept is very reasonable. They do titers and shots if necessary.
  6. by   brightfutur
    Thanx for the advice Dmccollum. Would you say that the program is manageable though? I heard from some that is was and others that its death! lol
  7. by   Dmccollum
    From my perspective it is manageable. I am married with two kids and am the sole support of my household. I have worked through every term. Being realistic is a big part of my success in this program. I would love to get a 4.0 but really it's about getting the most from this program, learning to critically think and applying what you have learned. I would not say it is death but I have spent many nights wondering if I made the right decision. I can now assure you that I have and so have you.

    Nursing is Patients; Nursing is Patience.
  8. by   mistydbuffa
    Luckily I don't work right now, but that may change in the future. Its nice to meet someone who is doing it. What had been the thing you didn't expect? What was most shocking so far? What was hardest? What was easiest? I know, tons of questions. I'm a bit nervous lol. Thanks for the insight. Also married mother of 4 boys.
  9. by   lisafise
    Hi Everyone! I'm in too and just found this. Anybody have any idea what our schedule is going to look like? I was hoping that they would tell us with the acceptance letter. I'm trying to figure out childcare. I'm going to ask tomorrow when I turn in my papers too. Excited to meet everyone and be in classes together!
  10. by   lisafise
    Oh and congratulations to all of you!!!
  11. by   Dmccollum
    The hardest part for me was adjusting to a large workload of unfamiliar material that seems like its all due at the same time. I found nothing to really be shocking. In terms of easiest when you pass your first term and move to your second you will think phew, last term was easy! What I really didn't expect was how the team came together to offer support one another when needed. No problem with the questions I'm always willing to help if and when I can and again don't e afraid to stop us in the halls!

    Nursing is Patients; Nursing is Patience.
  12. by   sarahmeridith
    Hi! When I turned my paperwork in the person in the nursing office told me to expect 3 days of classes starting at 9am and 1 day of clinicals. I am looking forward to finding out the ext details though, I am suprised we have to wait until orintation, I know finsing out so late is going to make it tough to get my kids lined up with a sitter or day care :/
  13. by   mistydbuffa
    I feel the same. I am excited. But last minute child care is tough. I have 4 boys. Luckily two are in school. But looking forward it. Look for me on face book. And look for our classes baker college ct page. There are a few of us on there and we love to chat!!! Congrats and good luck!