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Hello, anybody else out there awaiting acceptance letters for the fall 2012 at baker in clinton twp??... Read More

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    Um. there is a site but it is saved on my computer. private message me and I will send it to you. asap
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    Suzanne. you are attest in a better position than I am. facts that know. there were a total of 151 total applications including reapplicants . I know that next term baker is doing away with the extra point for reapplication. I know the average score was a 69% school wide. I am so so nervous I can hardly handle it. I hope so much that I am accepted into the program. I have heard so many good things but just as many, if not more bad things about the program. some days I wonder if I will get in. other days I feel very confidant . sooner or later we will get our letters. I know this may sound odd, but for me, getting accepted will be a huge defining moment in my future. I love to help people and financial stability would be a great bonus to it. my husband has an ok job but we barely make it with four kids. I know it will be hard and stressful but I also know I can do it and do it well.
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    I was just thinking like my percentage multiplied by 35. .80*35=28 but wasnt sure if that was right???
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    They seriously are getting rid of the reapplication points? Thats crazy...if I dont get in I was counting on those points. LOL. I'm pretty sure I am in good standing regardless but I like to feel that "safety net" so to speak, and MistyBuffa it will not let me msg u private.
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    I will get the points calculator for you and post in a little while. BAKER is also working on a 100 point system starting this term so there are not any new averages to go on.
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    This is the calculator that will give you your total points for Baker College, including your Kaplan, GPA, and nontransfer/tranfer points on the new points system...
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    Wow, finally they have the caculator up and running I've been waiting. Yeah I know its all new this time around. I've been at baker forever it seems like with my other Degree and now nursing. Lol, Thanks so much for the info!!
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    AHHHH, Its killing me to know the cut off!!
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    I heard from another friend of mine that the cut odd for the flint campus was 87.6 but not sure for Clinton township. I did call the nursing office and they told me that the letters will be mailed or sentby the 26th. so that's a bit sooner but they wouldn't give me any other information. no averages. no cut off. said that info was not available yet.
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    Wow, seems low..but who knows. It's hard without averages to go on! Keep me informed on what else you here.