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Hi, I am in the process of applying and interviewing at UM Hospital. I was just wondering if there are any RNs that can offer any information on the hiring process, orientation and unit-based preceptorship? Thanks.... Read More

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    If you apply to more than one position then don't accept until you have completed all interviews, I was lucky, applied to the only open position available in what I wanted at the time and got it. Insurance is dated the first day of your orientation and you can enroll within a few days of starting orientation. New grad orientation will depend on the unit, anywhere from 3-6 months, not sure how transferring and such goes, I don't plan on transferring out anytime soon Insurance is at an awesome price compared to what I was paying in FL. Good Luck, they had quite a hiring push recently because the new hospital opens in the morning!
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    Does anyone know whether they hire ADN grads or do they only hire BSN's?

    Im from MI but left in 2010 to complete an ADN program in Cincinnati, OH. I will be finishing up with the program in June and my family really wants me to come back home. But if theres not a chance of me even being considered for a position then Im just going to move to TX.

    Any thoughts?
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    From what I hear it varies from unit to unit, some managers won't give a new grad ADN a second glance, others will, I'm an ADN with close to 4 yrs, my co worker that started the same day as me is an ADN with <2yrs and none of it ED, we were both hired into the Ped ED, best thing to do is try, I know there are several openings listed now so try applying and see what happens. Good Luck