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    I know many recent grads are probably in the same boat as I am, but I'm really struggling with where to go from here. I completed an accelerated BSN program recently. I decided to focus on studies rather than try to get a part time job considering I knew it would be a huge mental change of direction for me. I have an excellent work history and glowing references from nurse preceptors. Trouble is I can't even land an interview to be able to discuss this with a future employer. I've gone to job fairs, applied to 50+ jobs since I got my license, and consistently bid at all surrounding hospitals. I have even applied to hospice/nursing home positions - no call backs. I have attended one interview for an internship, and been offered a very part time nurse manager position as part of a CDC study. I am praying that the nurse manager position will be good enough on a resume to at least get my foot in the door.

    Right now I'm in a tough position with the internship, because I will be having a baby right in the middle of it. I never expected to take time off for the baby, because frankly I need to work. My husband is taking FMLA from his job to care for our infant, but at this point I doubt I will have a job anyways. I would accept the internship, if I'm offered the position, except that I don't want to lose the possibility of being hired for taking time off to deliver (six month straight internship with one week off that's non-negotiable). I also know that now that I'm showing nurse managers may take one look at my tummy and decide against pursuing me as a candidate (illegal I know, but true). I am hoping that the study experience will help me get job interviews before the spring BSN students graduate (I deliver in March when I know they will be looking for jobs), but I'm not sure if it's the right kind of experience. Any advice? Experiences out there? Tips, Tricks?
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    UMHS and Spectrum in Grand Rapids are hiring new grads right now (tech experience not required). Allegiance in Jackson also hires new grads and has an ER internship for new grads.

    Can you network w/ your clinical instructors, see if they can put in a good word for you with nurse managers on floors you've applied for? What about contacting nurses and nurse managers you worked with in clinical? Contact people you went to school w/ who have found jobs and ask if those units are still hiring. You could also try looking up the contact information of nurse managers on the units you're applying to so that you can email them your resume directly. Network, network, network!

    Good luck