A little Problem with WCCCD...

  1. So I was all excited until I came to the realization about HSC 100... *sigh* ...What if you finish all but one of your co-reqs? I found out some days ago that HSC 100 is not at the Downriver campus... *bummer* and I'm not sure how I can work that out because Northwest has it but it's so far... =/ AND... Just my luck... I heard that it's not even offered online... I really want to take this class so that I won't have to struggle with it my first semester of the nursing program (if I make it)... I heard it was REALLY hard that way. =/ Also does anyone know if Northwest has EMT 101 (First Aid) and EMT 105 (Medical Responder)? If I do end up going to the Northwest campus, I wanna be sure that they have those classes, too.
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  3. by   MrsClarkRN
    When are you applying? You could take HSC 100 during the summer while your waiting to hear back from the school. They offer it at the Western campus too, thats where I took it. Taking it with first semester can be very difficult but can be done. I'm not sure if they offer the other classes there.

    Also, if you get into the program your going to be coming to the Northwest campus most likely so consider that before you apply.
  4. by   Do-over
    The NW campus is not far from Downriver. 94 to Southfield to McNichols exit ( I think that is 6 mile), the campus is on Outer Dr - the next street north. 15 minutes in good traffic?

    And, I doubt they offer EMT stuff there - since that program is based Downriver.

    The course catalog lists all the classes by campus.