2010 Macomb Community College HESI scores - page 3

I'm taking the HESI at MCC on January 7th. Just curious about the scores (please post them) of everyone that has already taken it. Please let me know what I should focus studying on. Thanks!!!!!... Read More

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    Quote from gemberly
    I am in the 1700's at MCC (as Michelle knows!!). I am really happy it worked out that I am there. I was very disappointment to not get into Baker, but with Baker's program, there are less clinical rotations and less time on the floor. I need that time. I can do the book work fairly easily... but practical use of the information, is a little harder for me, not hard in the traditional sense, but in a I am scared out of my mind to make a mistake kind of way. LOL

    I am liking the 1700's a bit easier. Although the clinicals are vastly different.


    This is a seperate subject, are you the one who has the hearing impairment? If so, I wanted to ask you what stethascope you ended up buying and how you like it. I can't decided whether to get the electronic one or not. My friend got the cardiac III and I can't really hear out of it. Any advise you can give would be great. Mzam2012

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