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Working with Male Nurses

  1. 1 I work on the ICU floor from time to time. On that unit the majority of RN's & LVN's are males. I find it to be a huge diffrence working with them, than working with a bunch of females on my reg unit. The male nurses I know are more caring and compassionate, willing to work along side the CNA. You never hear them ordering you around nor do I see them sitting on thier duffs text messaging on the phone or facebooking, like some of the female nurses do on my reg floor. Don't get me wrong, I have met some awesome female nurses, but I noticed a huge diff between the men and women. I would rather work with the men anytime.
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    I agree. I think men don't threaten the alpha female or group mentality that's on many units.

    But on heavily-staffed male units, I wonder how they feel about their colleagues among themselves, esp the male/male relations.
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    It does seem that men get along better and just get the work done rather than creating the drama I see with female nurses. With men it seems that things are more black and white, there is less hemming and hawing over decisions. With females I notice much more discussion of every little action sometimes to the point that nothing constructive gets done. Now granted this is a generalization, I've worked with men who I thought were total b***h's, but have never thought that of a female coworker.
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    I enjoy working with male's more. Of course I am male lol. Seriously though, I worked in an ICU and there was a mix of males and females. It worked out great. Most of us were in our late 20's early 30's and that makes a huge difference. I now work in a PACU with all females over the age of 49 and WOW...can I say that again..WOW what a difference. There is always drama and they are the laziest people I have ever seen in my life. They are all obviously burntout and not yet able to retire and I will say that some days become almost unbearable. I love PACU nursing and I will graduate next year with my nurse practitioner. This is the only reason I am still working in the PACU. Thank GOD is all I can say!!