Swedish nurse want to compare

  1. Hey! 27 yr old Swedish "murse" wants to compare different types of nursing degrees with other U.S. and/or Oz male nurses LPN/LVN? Bsn? RN? CSRN? mSN?

    please send me in private, or if you'd prefer here.


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  3. by   SierraBravo
    I re-read your post twice and I still don't understand what it is you're asking...
  4. by   Nkn86
    Lol.. I'm so sorry. I had a couple of beers in me and were discussing with some buddies about the difference in nursing degrees in the us.
    We didn't quite understand LVN/LPN, RN, BSN, NP, CNA etc.

    In sweden there are generally two (well now three with NP) types of nurses. One is nurse assistans, which doesn't require any licensure and basically anyone can read a couple of courses and apply to work as a nurse assistant.

    then we have the registered nurse. Which means three years of uni studies before receiving a bachelors degree and you can apply for your licence.

    If you then want to specialize you Can choose anesthetic, onkology, geriatric, ICU, prehosp (ambulance), etc. which means another year, to a year and a half, in university before receiving your licence within your area.

    how is that different from the us? are all types of nurses licensed?

    I want some male nurses buddies in the us

  5. by   Bacon_And_Eggs
    Certified nurse assistant, Nurse Tech - I think you need to get a certificate in it for hospitals to really look at you. Though we had people with no type of nursing medical education at all be Emergency department techs and they are doing everything from Blood cultures and butterfly sticks to splinting with orthoglass. they were even able to put in foley's until the past 7 years or so I was told. (Same place LPN's could push cardiac meds, and this is at a for profit hospital)
    LPN = requires a license and scope will vary based on facility along with state regulations I think. I've worked at 2 different health systems in Virginia. One allowed LPN's to push everything but Cardiac meds, the other wouldn't let them do that, push narcs, and other things
    RN, = 2 year associate degree
    BSN = RN who goes back to get their bachelor's, can be done with online classes or physical location , BS,N (Bachelor's of Science, Nursing) is just the 4 year degree
    Nurse Practitioner, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthestist - Master's level prepared nurses / midlevel providers. The nurse needs a BSN or BS,N to go back to school and usually a certain amount of clinical experience.
    Now there are Also DNP levels- Doctorate in Nursing. This is the highest level in our System. Since other professions offer doctorates to those who go beyond a master's level Nursing followed suite. It was to help smooth over the NP vs MD conversation but really it made things a bit more turbulent for the time being. In several states in America even if you have your DOCTORATE in Nursing, it's illegal to introduce yourself as a doctor to a patient. Even though there are Doctor's of pharmacy or Pharm d.

    it's really booming over here in America and our scope, numbers and role seem to grow every day
  6. by   Nkn86
    thanks Bacon!

    I see it says EMT-B. Is that a kind of paramedic certificate?

    In sweden there's a registered Nurse in the ambulance, often with a masters in prehosp, and often followed by a specially trained nurse assistant. I guess it doesnt work like that in the us. How old are you, and which state you in? Virginia?