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hi all, i was recently terminated from my rn job at a major teaching hospital. i was let go after working there for only 2 months. how do you move on after this? i was in denial for the first 2... Read More

  1. by   jambRN
    I just want to follow up... I am on the same situation right now and I want to hear how you cope up and bring yourself back. It's very frustrating and depressing how this things happen
  2. by   BlackMurse1
    +1, You can always learn from every event, it didn't kill you, now get stronger from it!
    Quote from mrmedical
    Just keep looking man, even if it's not as prestigious as your prior job. Accept and evaluate what had happened, gather your emotions, and then move on. As a new grad, in my opinion beggars can't be choosers: start off applying for everything and if you get accepted to the "lowly" medsurg or some other floor, take it. Because the most important thing you can gain from that is the actual experience, whether it be communicating with the docs and staff, to time management and planning your care, or just getting comfortable with procedures... all this experience will add up and benefit you and your patients as well as make you that much more marketable in the future as well as boost your confidence. Remember, no one ever go to the top of the totem pole overnight. Keep your head up and work SMART!
  3. by   EquuszARNP
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  4. by   Lexi McDonough
    First of all, why were you terminated? Without knowing this there's nothing we can advise you on. You can't really be fired for something as subjective as "lacking empathy" unless there is some hard evidence that it negatively impacted your work performance.

    This is as much for you as it us for us in helping you. Going forward, you will without a doubt be asked why you left your last job/were terminated and what you did to remedy the problem, unless you choose to leave it off your application and lie about previous work experience to your future employer, which is a dangerous gamble.

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