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Hey guys, I am a BSN student looking into Navy Nursing. I just talked to a Navy Medical Recruiter who sent me the Nurse Candidate Program (NCP) application. There are a lot of forms to fill so I am just trying to get... Read More

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    Quick question about the NCP, I don't have as high a GPA unfortunately, it's only 3.16. I am curious, if that alone would really hold me back. This is my dream and I'm praying to God I will get in. I am applying for the 1 year scholarship versus the 2 year scholarship, which I have been told is less competitive, any help please??

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    Can someone tell me what is the required GPA to apply for the NCP? I will greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I am in the process of getting my package ready for NCP. My GPA is 3.9 and I'm prior military. The medical recruiter hasn't told me a minimum GPA but the program is competitive. So the higher the GPA the better. He did say that the lowest for NCP that he has seen go in was a 3.3 GPA. But that is what he has seen.

    There was a young man that came into the office once while I was meeting with my recruiter. He was trying to get into a different medical program but had a 2.6 GPA. He was informed that he needed to get his GPA up. So I'm assuming that below a 3.0 would probably be a definite no-no.
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    Palmharbormom: I also had a 3.9 GPA when I applied (applied with 3.99 after first two years of college plus first semester in BSN program). I got accepted this past July. If you meet all the other requirements you will most likely get picked up too. Good luck.

    Oh yeah, I was prior military as well (Hospital Corpsman). I'm pretty sure that helps out a lot. Work your prior service into your motivational statement.
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    For everyone who is asking about GPA:

    The minimum requirement is a 3.0 GPA. If you have less than that, it will probably be a waste of time applying...if they even let you apply at all. I would guess that a competitive GPA for this program would be a 3.5 or higher. That's just a guess, though. As always, for the most accurate answers to NCP questions you should consult a recruiter. Good luck!
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    What happens if you fall below a 3.0 GPA during the program? Do you get removed from the program entirely or are you required to go enlisted? I read the application someone on the Internet but was confused by what they meant about keeping the GPA.
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    CSUnursegirl2b- It is my understanding that part of the contract that you would sign includes a requirement to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA after being accepted. So even after you are accepted you will be expected to do well in school. You could be kicked out of the program and possibly be required to pay back any money that you have received as part of being in the program. Going enlisted with a BSN would mean that you will NOT work as an RN but rather a Hospital Corpsman.
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    Thanks! I was also wondering about the character references. I have met with my recruiter and she told me to start gathering references. However, she didn't give me much of a guideline or who to use & what they should write the reference about. Does anyone have any advice on who to use as references? I plan on getting two of my nursing professors (although I feel like they really don't know me that well yet). Should I get references from my past employers (over two years since I've worked with them)? Also, any tips on what they should focus their letters on would be appreciated!

    Thanks for all the help. This forum is amazing for getting questions answered
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    I just spoke to a Navy Recruiter for the Indiana area, about the Nurse Candidate Program and he said the earliest that I could apply was August. I have been reading the threads about the NCP and I see people are applying in Dec. and Feb. Can anyone explain the difference in information that I have received.
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    You do have to already be accepted into a BSN program. But as soon as you are, you may begin the application process. I'm assuming that due to the competitive nature of getting into a program that most recruiters will not start the process until a person is accepted. If that is not the problem, it is my understanding that the boards meet monthly until all available slots are filled for the fiscal year. So it changes year to year when the boards stop meeting.

    Once the process starts, it takes awhile to get everything together. Aside from professional references, personal references and your life history, you also need to get a physical, finger prints, etc. It took me a few months to get everything together. Currently, I am waiting to hear something.

    Good luck!

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