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The other topic that discusses nursing gear suggested mostly clogs... My problem is I am a 6'4 and I am having a really hard time finding some good supporting shoes. I currently were converse all... Read More

  1. by   toomuchbaloney
    I prefer Keen and Merrill shoes for work.
  2. by   dortizjr1
    I hope linking isn't against the rules. I currently wear these when I work in my ED:
    I'll rotate them out every few times with new balance cross trainers 608 v...what ever. The sketchers non slip work show have quickly become my favorite though. I've also used the nike reax similar to this but with leather upper : Nike Men's Reax Run 8 | Men Nike Running Shoes Shoes Training Shoes Shoes Lifestyle Shoes Casual Shoes | 599579 020 | Black/Wolf Grey/Dark Grey
  3. by   aftrhrs21
    does anybody use or has used Nike Foamposites? I'm thinking they are easy to wipe down and provide support and comfort.
  4. by   malamud69
    New Balance cross trainers
  5. by   adagiogray
    $50 Dr. Scholls orthotic inserts (from the department store kiosk that you stand on)and whatever cheap Walmart shoe I can find that fits my size 13s for the next 3-6 months. The orthotics have lasted YEARS - and I went from crippling plantar fasciitis to pain free in a week or 2.
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  6. by   lost soul
    New Balance shoes are great. The higher the number, the better, and the higher cost. I love NB shoes.
  7. by   Nadalisto
    My feet use to hurt before getting half way through my shift, even after getting a new pair of AirMax, Reebok and another pair I've forgotten what they were. I was in Walmart on day and saw the Dr. Scholls inserts, so I tried them. Over 3 days my feet quit hurting except every once in a while. I keep a racket ball with me and use it to massage my feet while charting (benefit of working nights).

    I've recomemded the Dr. Scholls to a couple of other people and they had the same experience, so they do work. I bought a pair of New Balance and they were terrible, but they were the real cheapies.
  8. by   J2RN1999
    I love my sketchers Go Run original and Go Run 2 and 3! Very light and can get them occasionally on sale on amazon for $35-40.