Men nurse new graduate job markets

  1. I am an asian male and I am thinking about a career path changing. I have heard that new graduate even with BSN having hard time on getting a job. What about men BSN graduate? I don't mind if I work in nursing homes or some places in rural areas as long as I can get a job after getting my BSN degree and RN liscence. Do you guys also have hard time on job searching for your first job after graduation?
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  3. by   RNPDX
    I am a new grad male with a BSN degree. Im having a tough time finding a job right now. I took a temporary job doing non patient care because I have loans to pay, but it ends this month (3 months), and I dont have anything lined up. Have had no calls back.

    Tough market, all I can do is keep my head up and keep looking. Ive noticed that my clinical abilities and thinking has suffered. Its really unfortunate.

    hopefully others can come in here and give you a different perspective.
  4. by   ChristopherB
    Some parts of the country have low demand for nurses while other parts of the country still have a higher demand for nurses. If you are willing to move out of your current area to a different area, then I wouldn't worry too much about finding a job.
  5. by   checker1981
    I have an associates degree and graduated in May 2011, of the 9 nurses in my orientation 6 were new grads, all ADN RN's, 2 guys out of the 9. I am the only guy on my unit and shift. All of the guys in my graduating class have jobs to my understanding.
  6. by   8mpg
    Everything is going to change in the next 4 years of school you have to do...I wouldnt worry about it now. If you want to go into it. If you dont, dont.
  7. by   MikeJones
    You are right in thinking that it is hard to find a job as a grad nurse now but in the near future I believe it will pick up. The economy seems to be getting better.

    I highly would advise getting an externship, CNA job, or volunteering, in that order of importance in finding a job.

    GL, I have a present for you. Here it is <('.'<)
  8. by   awcauld
    I think that the market for new grads to find a job is improving, I know at my facility there are lots of RN's being hired but BSN's are definitely getting hired over ADN's. I know that if a hospital is striving towards Magnet status then they will be attempting to increase their percentage of BSN's. I don't think that you can stress and not enter nursing because worrying about getting a job. There are multitudes of jobs out there, just maybe not in your dream unit in your dream facility. May have to move or have a considerable commute.