Men In Nursing Issues - page 4

I need your input! I am in a debate in nursing school. The topic is "Men in Nursing." (I'm on the "pro" side of the debate). If any of you have ever had an experience with a male nurse, or you are... Read More

  1. by   adpie28
    I was doing a report for a class I was in. I had no preference whatsoever. I just needed feedback, not ridicule! Everyone please lighten up!
  2. by   skydog000008
    Very hard having men in nursing. Take a look at how many rape charges and lawsuits involving male nurses and aids in hospitals. Men are men first and neutral gender does not apply. Tell me how a 19 year old woman would feel having a male nurse give her an enema. The same applies to men, how do you think a man would feel having a male give him an barium enema.