Man in nursing?

  1. Hello I am a SENIOR I just wondering if its hard to be a lpn? Do people look at male nurses different then female nurses? How long did it take to become a LPN? Where can work as an LPN?

    Is it hard to be guy going to nursing school? I wan to be a LPN in the er, or be a RN n the er how hard do you think it well be to get to my dream? Those of you that went to nursing school were you the only guy, and did you get made fun of for being a nurse?
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  3. by   HouTx
    It's great that you want to become a nurse. Just an FYI, Emergency Departments are generally an 'RN only' environment when it comes to nursing because the work in these areas is outside the scope of practice for LPNs. In many parts of the country, LPNs are only hired in Long Term Care and out-patient areas, not in hospitals.

    There is no quick and easy way to become a nurse. You certainly won't be the "only guy". Those days are long gone. You may be teased by your peers in High School, but this is not a problem in the real world. If possible, set your sights on getting your BSN - many hospitals just don't hire ADN nurses any more. Talk to your counselor and contact local nursing schools to get a better idea of all of the 'next steps' for achieving your goal.