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This is a question that I've been thinking about recently. I wanted to post it here because as a future male RN I suspect other male RNs would have experiences more relevant. So, have you changed since becoming an RN? Was it... Read More

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    As an LPN student I want to know A nurse perception on nursing.

    I get overwhelm with school, work and private life. But I have had my heart in becoming a nurse all my life. Had to put it on hold to raise my kids alone. Give me some encourgement:heartbeat

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    Yes, nursing has changed me in more ways than one. And frankly, I think those changes are largely positive.
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    I think we're shaped by all of our experiences, and any job experience is bound to influence you. Nursing may have changed me, but so have the other jobs I've done outside of nursing.

    Nursing's probably made me very hard. I think I'm a much colder person than I was when I started out, but I don't actually think that's a bad thing.
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