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My mom, who is a nurse, recently told me of a story of a doctor who became rather sarcastic towards her and her other female coworkers, and that his god-complex attitude leads him to do that often. I wonder that when I graduate... Read More

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    Throughout my clinicals, I got along fantastically with nearly all the physicians I came into contact with. I thought, and still think, it was in their best interests to provide a good solid experience for a student like me. However I was told that they probably treat me different because I am male. I hope that is not the case though, but I can't deny that some of my female clinical-mates recall the cold shoulder when working with some physicians.

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    I think men treat men differently than they treat women in any field, honestly. Male nurses treat me differently than they treat female nurses, and I treat male nurses differently than I treat female nurses. I wouldn't expect less from a Physician.

    To the point of being rude, unprofessional, demeaning, etc.: In the world of males, that kind of behavior typically ends in someones fist going through your face. Even though that is unlikely to happen in a hospital setting... I think that is socially bred into males, honestly.
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    Doctors from other countries some come from countries where a nurse is a step higher than janitors and are very task oriented and their education program if any puts them in that position. Not all nurses are trained the same. In the US, I guess guys like to hang with guys and have more guy things to talk about, also critical care docs like ER docs are generally more open and kinder to all nurses from my experience bc we work so closely together. But the floors is a whole other kind of doc, they get pulled out of their sleep and they don't care who it is and some of them are rude regardless of gender.
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    I think being a big male nurse has its benefits. Lol. Somehow ppl like to pick on ppl that are weaker and smaller than they are. It's called bullying.
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    Quote from applewhitern
    We have a lot of doctors who are from countries other than the United States. We have noticed that some of them treat the female nurses like "third class citizens." Most "fit in" and do not discriminate, but we have a few that are very arrogant and talk down to the nursing staff, especially the female nurses. One in particular gets upset and demands "the nurse be fired," over very trivial things that the nurse really has no control over. No one has actually been fired because of this, yet, because administration sees this behavoir and realizes it is unfair. I understand in their native country that females are "third class citizens," and nurses may be treated badly, but you would think if they come here to practise, they would know we have equal rights in the US!
    You also see that sort of thing in other professions where foreign men are employed in a professional capacity. To example, years ago my wife, who is an IT professional, was working on a project that had several Russian contract programmers as part of the team. Early on, one of the Russians brought her a box of unformatted floppy disks for her to spend a half hour to format & ready for use. That is at best secretary work and most pros just formatted their own discs, as the need to do so was never ending if you were actively programming.

    My wife told the Russian where to stick those floppy discs for a bodily attempt at formatting them. She hated working with certain foreign cultures, as such run-ins would repeat, teaching the imbecile that things are done differently in America concerning the relative status of women to men.

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