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Hello All, I'll make this short. I have decided that I do not want to do direct patient care any longer. In a nutshell, after graduating this past June and being employed straight away in a... Read More

  1. by   giveface
    Thank you for the encouragement. Today I feel as though I am at a loss. I suppose you could describe it as an identity crisis. For the last 5 years of my life I have ate, breathed and slept the nursing role, and now that I am leaving I feel, well lost. I don't know what's next for me, and of course that is a very scary feeling for someone who assumed he was accomplished as a professional, only to have that blanket ripped out from him. My family is disappointed in me too, although this only compounds my guilt.

    I meet with a social worker on Friday to help me sort through all this. She may also refer me to the psychologist if she sees fit. I also suffer with depression and the occasional obsessive compulsive illogical thoughts.
  2. by   TXRN2009
    Quote from giveface
    Hello All,

    I'll make this short. I have decided that I do not want to do direct patient care any longer. ..... *SNIP
    Basically I am suspecting I need a career with more autonomy and not such tight control over me. I guess I just didn't know that nursing could be so militaristic. Anyways, any and all suggestions are welcome, but please, I have decided to leave the nursing profession so offer advice from that basis.

    Someone else mentioned Nursing Informatics:
    Join HIMSS:
    Attend a Conference:

    There are heaps of things you can do in Healthcare IT with a nursing background.
    Work ON the business and not IN it.
  3. by   wiscbadger
    Maybe med equipment sales?
  4. by   Vitalfreedom
    I also have left nursing after 15 years of crap and I'm working in H.R. management in an airline company with lots of perks. I'm working on my mba and have a great supportive environment with beautiful people inside and out around me. I get to go on great vacations with discounts on travel and five star hotels. I've met so many great people. I only wish I did this 15 years ago. Your lucky you left early. Law is quit interesting. I always gravitated to law. I deal with employment law alot. I know you will do great. It feels great not wearing those frumpy scrubs and working with professionals. At times it fet like I was still in high school when I was working as a nurse. I can get my nails done and look great without worrying about ugly insecure fat ******* trying to sabatage me. Best wishes to you and congrats for having the strength and courage to leave an abusive environment. I treat staff with respect and support in my new position. Nursing has taught me how not to be and has made me more careful how to treat others I work with and manage people. I looks for ways to help staff nott tear them down. All the best.
  5. by   Vitalfreedom
    Hello Giveface, I want you to realize that everything in life changes. Nothing stays the same. Don't be afraid of change. The key is to not look at yourself as a failure but take this as an opportunity to grow professionally as well as take care of yourself. You've taken time to care for everyone else and now its your turn. If you wanted to you could work in public health or pursue a management degree in what ever interests you have. Think about the things you wanted to do and just do. Don't worry about what people expect from you. They aren't living your emotions. Take the time to heal before you start anything. If nursing makes you sick move on with no regrets and make sure you get into something that will provide well for you and your family and keep your deression in check. If you need medications take it. I know many people who suffer from depression in government and they do great and make lots of money. Just because you are a nurse does not mean you have to be in control all the time. We all need help sometimes. There is always this unrealistic expection that just because your a nurse you have to be strong and carry everyones burdens on your shoulders. To make matters worst your a man which has that added pressure and expectations. We all stumble and fall but you have to get back up again. You are human just like everyone else. Focus on your future instead of your past. Think positive. Stay away from negitivity. You will make it. Your not a failure. We all have our ups and downs. Keep active and socalize. I have faith in you. Now have faith in yourself. Everything happens for a reason. Figure out what you need to be doing to grow and be happy again. Good luck!!!
  6. by   Vitalfreedom
    He's right financal analyst and economic majors are great. Its under the commerce degree or management degree with these as a focus. I hope things get better for you.
  7. by   kittom
    Vitalfreedom, I was interested to read what you said about the nursing profession. I am a mature woman (43) and have just graduated with a First Class Honours in Mental Health Nursing. Unfortunately I am so disheartened with the whole nursing profession because it is definately not what I expected. I have never met so many 'professionals' that do not have respect for each other and as you quite rghtly put it, is an 'abusive environment'. I am desperate to get out of it before I even start! Throughout my 3 years training, my own health has suffered as has my relationship, yet people are still trying to encourage me to carry on to the 'final hurdle' when deep down, I know that if I do, I will become bitter, and always wonder 'what if'. I know I have gained so many transferable skills from my nurses training and am taking this time, to take stock of where I should be going now. I also like the idea of HR/management/Law but not sure where to start. I do have an appointment with a careers advisor coming up, so hopefully I will be able to see what other options are available to me.