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Nursing team--I have been a RN for many years. Our hospital has decided to embrace the concept of room service (although I know that some of you may feel--hospital first hotel second--many patients... Read More

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    Actually, the kitchen and nurse station should work closely when room service is available. Some patients tend to sway from their prescribed diet.

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    Diets are entered into the computer and only that diet can be ordered, the kitchen staff is great with helping the pts order.. On admission we click if the pt is able to order or not.. If not a standard tray for their diet is brought up automatically. I am not sure how it works on the floor for reminding pts to order and what happens if they don't. As for the ICU, since there is no phones, we order for them.. Meds are generally not a problem. Our room service stops at 7 so if you didn't order before then, you are pretty much out of luck. We can get a late tray but that might be a turkey sandwich
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    Patients aren't allowed to sway from their diets at my facility. Our kitchen is very strict. I got an order for orange soda the other day, it felt very weird to request that from our MD! Diabetics only can order a certain number of carbs at each meal.

    Meds are usually not a problem. Give on an empty stomach are scheduled for 7AM which is before the kitchen opens. Before meals is sometimes tricky if the patient is on a weird schedule. Insulin is a sliding scale, techs get FS when patient's order and depending on the number I give the patient their insulin just before they eat. Occasionally it's late but I just state "late breakfast/lunch/dinner" and it never seems to be a problem.

    The only diet that is delivery time specific is clear liquids, they have a standard tray they send with each meal.
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    I appreciate all your comments and suggestions. We are planning to make our room service the best possible for our Veterans
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