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Hello Everyone What I would like to know is what is it like to work as a Medical-Surgical Nurse? What type of care will I be giving to patients? carmen... Read More

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    tokmom: that was fantastic.
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    Quote from tokmom
    Are you in school now? I'm concerned you don't really know what a nurse does!

    To answer your question. A med/ surg nurse, does assessments on her pts throughout the day to moniter her pt's status. They pass meds, assess for effectiveness, interpret lab results so they know when to call an MD and what can wait. They hang IV's, blood and blood products. They educate families and pt's. They start IVs. Assist with procedures, do dressing changes, chart...chart...chart...chart...chart...chart....c hart.... deal with difficult family members, MD's. Do a lot of customer service. Advocate for pt's when an MD doesn't order the correct med, route, dose, etc..They prep pts for surgery and do post op care.
    Call MD's for orders. Enter orders and carry them out in a timely fashion. Med/Surg nurses place catheters, NG tubes and pull such tubes.
    chart...chart....chart....chart...chart.. Med/Surg nurses watch telemetry for cardiac status and assess such and intervene when necessary.
    Med/Surg nurses think critically to keep a pt from crashing. If something does happen, they call a RR or a code. Med/Surg nurses do CPR, bag, suction pts, place IV's fluids rapidly and pray their pt's stabilizes. At times they have to deal with death and help family members as well. Med/Surg nurses have to clean the body and prep it for the morgue or funeral home.
    Med/Surg nurses bath patients, and feed pts and also change beds. They help toilet and clean up when necessary. Med/surg nurses give hugs and hold hands of dying pt's or worried family members. They also laugh with them and find the good things in life when there doesn't seem to be any.

    Med/Surg nurses are speciality nurses like another other certified speciality. They deal with all age groups and diagnosis and have to adjust accordingly. Every room has a different kind of personlity and diagnosis waiting for the nurse. How you treat one pt is not how you can treat the guy next door.

    Med/Surg nurses are vastly under appreciated because people think it's the bottom of the nursing chain and you don't have to be smart to be a Med/Surg nurse. Med/Surg nurses KEEP their pts out of ICU. If there was no med/Surg ED would have no place to put their pt's.

    Med/Surg nurses ROCK...

    Well said. I believe med/surg will be the most challenging of any unit.
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    I graduated last May (2011) got a job as an acute dialysis nurse and I am starting a new job in Med/Surg on Monday. YAH! During my clinical rotations, I was one of the "freaks" that actually liked Med/Surg. There is such a variety and opportunity to learn about everything medical-diseases, surgeries, tests, etc. I think you really need to have or want to obtain a very large bank of medical knowledge.
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    That was a great description...Lol
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