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Stuck in Med-Surg - page 2

I am stuck! I got this job as a new grad, been here almost 2 years its not easy getting hired as a new grad anymore and I hate it! Its medical renal oncology inpatient med-surg in a large hospital.... Read More

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    Quote from hmnorwood
    Well folks I am going to the cath lab! They offered me the position and I accepted. I better hang on to my hat because its gonna be a whirlwind!
    Congrats! Best of luck in your new adventure. Are you still working at the same facility or will it be at a new hospital?

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    I am in L&D completely unhappy, miserable, can't stand it. I took ACLS, PALS, EKG, ENPC, paid for and waiting for TNCC. Why? Because I know that's what they are looking for. I have a tentative offer. Waiting for HR to finish and get a written offer.

    Posting from my phone, ease forgive my fat thumbs!
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    I will be moving across the parking lot. Its the same network but we dont have a cath lab in my hospital bc we have the heart hospital next door. Its got the lab, cardiac ER, daybeds, SICU, MICU and 2 floors of PCU. our network has 4 major acute care hospitals, north, east, south and heart.
    I am so excited, I feel so lucky. I have ordered the cardiac cath handbook and am studying the meds and CV a&p.