Pregnant stroke pt!?!?!?

  1. Ok, got a very different pt the other day: Early thirties, 4 wks pregnant with numbness and tingling down right arm, leg and right side of face. CT negative, but MRI not done due to pt refusing and MDs worried about how MRI would effect pregnancy. Symptoms dissappeared within a few hours of onset, but pt admitted to med/surg (stroke unit).

    Ok, all are thinking maybe anxiety, but playing it cautious due to classic stroke symptoms. ECHO comes back positive for bubble!!!! :redlight: Waiting for carotid us. Would you have pushed for the MRI? Would you have given Lovenox to a pregnant woman this early in gestation?

    Honestly, everything we would normally have done for a stroke pt, we had to take a step back and wonder how this would effect the baby. Everyone was playing it very, very cautious, which we definatley should! Has anyone else had a similar experience or do you know of any research concerning stroke and pregnancy? I am going to look around the net today, but I love hearing from you guys, so asking here first.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Well, if Mom dies, baby dies - need to consider that too.
  4. by   TonyaM73
    That is pretty much what I told her, but a little less direct. "We need to make the house safe for the baby to be healthy." Have you ever taken care of a pt like this, what was done and what was the outcome?