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:rolleyes: Hi, I'm an Assistant Director of Nurses in a small town in Missouri; I have been a Rn for 2 years and an LPN for 3 years before that. I feel like I have learned alot but most of my practice has been in long term care.... Read More

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    Originally posted by rinker
    Idon't regret the move and agree there is alot to learn, or rather re-learn
    Rinker hang in there and youll be fine

    Update on my orientation. Its over Ive been thrown to the wolves. I have been on "my" unit now for the last few weeks, it is more med than surg which is fine with me. This wk we were short a nurse and they asked would I be OK with a district (Ive been doing a whole assignment anyway [8 pts]) I said sure- its the day shift and there are plenty of nurses to answer any questions I may have.

    I get report and my first pt is to rec a unit of pkd cells
    wonderful - we move along and I have 2 with critical K levels so Im going to give KCL riders too I replaced 2 IV's and I think it was a very productful day. All went well and I think it gave me the boost of confidence that I needed.

    Im starting to feel alot more comfortable on the unit and know where to find things now. Of course I will continue to have questions and you can learn everthing in a few short weeks.

    I still have no regrets about making the move from LTC and I feel like this is where I belong right now. The only adjustment is the 12 hr shift which is rough but the 4 days a week off makes up for that :zzzzz

    lots of luck


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    I am a new R.N. since February and I am working on a med-surg unit in the hospital after working as an LPN in LTC for four years prior.I find it very challenging but I am making a go of it.I was not unhappy in my work before but i wanted to make a change.I felt that if I didn't try the hospital,I would never know if I could handle it or not.So I try every day and maybe one day I will be a really good nurse.GOOD LUCK.
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    I just finished my third day of orientation on the medical floor of our hospital after 6 years as an nurse in LTC...............I LOVE the hospital!!!! Did my first IV start yesterday and was successful on the first try!!!(talk about a confidence booster!!!!) I too love geriatrics which is why I wanted the medical floor but I also wanted that acute care experience that you only get at the hospital...............
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    Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!!!!!

    I am a UK RN and hopefully going to do my NCLEX soon.

    I am currently a Manager in a Nursing Home and want to do Med/Surg when i hopefully come over to Florida.

    I am scared to death thinking will i be able to do it - but all your positive comments have helped me tremendously.

    I have been in this Nursing home for 10 yrs now and need a challenge and your comments make me feel i am going to do the right thing!


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