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hi! i have my first interview next friday and am terrified! lol. i sent my resume to a hospital that i had heard was one i shouldn't even attempt to go to as a new grad just to see if my resume... Read More

  1. by   paolountalan26

    I am a newly graduate nurse who's about to have an interview at the Cairlion Clinic in Va next week. Do you know what questions will be asked of me??? Anyone here who had an interview with Carilion Clinic. I really want to get the job.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  2. by   lagrl7
    I'm sorry to hear for Daytonite passing away regards to the family and loved ones.
  3. by   skqb
    Interview advice:
    In this market all the rules have changed. Be prepared to discuss why you specifically went into nursing, what your future professional goals are and to give examples of difficult patient interactions and how you handled them. All of the terms that Daytonite listed in original post are helpful but you need to be able to say how and why you embody those traits. Employers have their pick of the best of the best and you need to stress why YOU will be an asset to the floor.
    Do your research on the unit and the staff. Units/floors are unique and often have something special about them and you should be prepared to discuss what makes them unique. Know the institution you are applying to..are they government owned, have Magnet status?
    Med-Surg is a specialty and those that work in Med-Surg are proud of the work they do. Immediate turnoff for me in an interview is hearing that you are interested in med-surg as a stepping stone.
    Not having questions prepared for the interviewer looks like you haven't done any research. Building a strong staff is essential to patient outcomes and nothing is guaranteed in nursing anymore. Thoroughly prepare for the interview and send a thank you note.
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    I am very sorry to hear that
  5. by   ktran1
    Hi Paolo, how did your interview with Carilion Clinic go? I currently aplpying to their new grad program. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much

  6. by   EGVnurse
    I'm a new nurse and I've had three interviews in the past two days at physician offices (one dermatology, two pediatric) and the interviews went pretty well! I have an interview coming up for a RN Residency program on a Post-Transplant Unit in a major metropolitan hospital that I'm SOOOO excited for it. Although I haven't seen the facility or unit or met anyone, I think I would really like this job so I really want to nail the interview. These tips are definitely helpful. Thank you.