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I am a recruiter recently tasked with locating Med/Surg Nurses. I'd really appreciate any advice or insight you could provide. How would you go about finding your next job? Where do you look - internet, newspaper? What... Read More

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    recently went job-hunting: few responses to my calls. I also wondered where the shortage was. One hospital recruiter lost my resume and wanted another faxed and then was 45 minutes late to the interview. (She was at a job fair). I had had to drive an hour to get to the place! I wouldn't work there for anything after that. I was moving from one region of the country to another and had a week to interview. I looked at the papers, on the internet, from family members living in the region,from packets that were sent to me on my request. $, benefits,eductional offerings, and pt to nurse ratios were the draw for me. Lots of things were misrepresented in the interviews though. So don't lie or deceive because hospital reputations travel in the nursing "underground".

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    DToolBox...This is a good thread. Why not post it in the "poll" section? You can select parameters for better responses.
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    I for not look for money as my first concern! I prefer to have good working conditions, and a management that listens, and hears! Going for the money is great, as long as you don't have to work where all that is keeping you there is the money, and even then you're questioning your sanity for staying!

    I've seen just how bad it can get, and I will take less money, for a better work setting...any day! Too many hospitals give the feeling, that because they pay well....they should be able to use you like a slave...and treat you like you have no intelligent thought in your head, except for the ones they give you! In that case, they can keep their money! I want to be treated well, and respected for the work I do!

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