My first year of nursing :) - page 2

i started my first nursing job in may 2011. graduated in december, took the boards in march, then started my job in may. i am sure plenty of people have written about this before, but i had to get... Read More

  1. by   AllynaBerry
    I am so encouraged by your post. After more than 37 years in the field of nursing, I still remember how terrified I was those first few I prayed I wouldn't hurt anyone..then I prayed that I might help a few...then I prayed that I would help most of the patients most of the time all without hurting any one. I knew I had "arrived" when I quit praying that they were all still breathing at the end of my shift! LOL

    To you who are just starting out, remember, your instructors have taught you well. You actually know more than you believe you do. Trust that.
    You will reach the point where you will sometimes "get a feeling that something is not quite right" about your patient (or your co-worker). Trust that.
    Remember to take as good a care of your co-workers as you do your need them and they need you!

  2. by   elBSN
    Thanks for posting this! I am very worried to be starting my first year of nursing within the month. Looking back is there anything else you would have done differently? Any advice?