Monitoring wirelessly in Med/Surg

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    I am looking for general consensus on monitoring patients on med/surg floor using wireless monitors. We are thinking of upgrading some devices in our hospital. Just trying to understand the logistics behind it. Do you think it has any advantage to be able to centrally monitor patients at risk of cardiac events? Does it require additional training? What is the average ratio of monitored versus non monitored beds in med/surg in your hospital? What do you guys think of the newer devices which resemble telemetry units with a fancy LCD display like Infinity M300 (Draeger), Micropaq (Welch Allyn), Prefense NTX (Nihon Kohden)? (Did I miss anyone out?) Which device are you using on your med/surg floor?
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    Wow! Sounds very high tech. I'm just amaze with your message above. I learned something tonight. Thanks
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    We cardiac monitor remotely. All nurses, including charge nurse carry beepers. When something alarms, the nurses are trained to first look at the patient, then validate the monitor.