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Hi all ... thought it was about time to have a Med-Surg roll call .... please repond by telling us if you work in med-surg .... how long you have been there and if you plan on staying in med surg .... also, please let us know if... Read More

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    I'm a new Med-Surg LPN. Not new to med-surg, I was a PCA for 9 months on the same floor. I graduated in Dec. and passed Boards the 10th of Jan.'09 ...whoooooo-hooooo . I do love working med- surg. It is rewarding in its own special way. I don't have the confidence as an LPN that I had as a PCA yet, but I'm working hard on that every shift I work. I'm still in orientation and have a few weeks to go. I'm up to 4 - 5 pts with a, I like to call it, healthy nervousness (if that's a word).
    I have no intentions on moving to another floor or speciality, although I never know what God has planned, so I won't say never.
    I work at a small hospital--29 rooms on my floor. 22 of those rooms could hold 2 beds in case of emergency--Lord keep'em safe--not for our sake, but for theirs.:heartbeat
    We have a wonderful team, all 3 shifts, that don't mind answering questions, asking questions, or giving a helping hand. I guess that's another reason I don't see myself doing or going anywhere else.

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    Hi have been most of my career in Med-surg (mostly med!) worked 5 years in hospice/rehab, 3 LTC and 10 medical. I love the diversity of the patients, and have learned most of what I know from them. I serve as a charge nurse/preceptor also. This is the place to be for the new nurse looking for skills and experience!
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    Hey I too am a new grad med/surg RN. I am still excited about the variety of patients on my unit but I agree it is lot's of hard work. There were other new nurses on my unit that felt burned out by 6 months and transferred to other units like OB/GYN and ambulatory/pre-op just to name a few.Well because of the economy crunch many other units are having mandatory time off due to the census on some units throughout the hospital- in other words great job security on a med/surg unit and /or experience in med/surg.:uh
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    I have worked Med/Surg for the past 15 years. The first 12 were as an LPN. Since becoming an RN have been trained in OB, ICU, and ER. I work in a very small rural hospital (22 beds total and that's 2 LDRP and 2 ICU) and even though I am trained in those other areas I still am happiest when I am working the "floor." Have been toying with the idea of becoming certified but it would be on my own time and it would not be acknowledged at my work place except perhaps on my name tag! So am not sure it's worth it.
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    I work on an acute general medical floor at a major Boston teaching hospital. I was a PCA on a surgical unit at the same hospital and didn't think I'd like medical nursing, but I've been really enjoying it. We get cardiovascular (lots of telemetry), renal, liver, infections of all kinds, the dreaded altered mental status, syncope workups, respiratory... even our share of surgical pts for whom the larger concern is their medical comorbidities... not to mention our share of detox from ETOH and other sundry substances, overdoses and failed suicide attempts. It's challenging, but I like serving the mostly underserved, diverse population that our floor handles and I'm learning a lot. Also given that we're a teaching floor, I like the mostly collegial relationship with the MDs. The MDs often rely on the nurses for direction on medication. The attending physicians who rotate through the hospital have a lot of respect for the nurses on our unit.

    I think I have a hankering for critical care, though I like my unit, the staff and the management a lot. We're the only all-RN floor at the hospital, and most of the time, that works out well, and we have good pt ratios (3:1 days, and 4:1 nights) as a result and can spend more time with each pt. Where the all-RN model doesn't work as well, is that sometimes we get pts who are stuck here for a long time due to a sudden decline in functional status on a given admission that prevents us from having a place to discharge them to. These pts' care is transferred to a special medical team that handles their care while a plan for discharge is developed... these pts can sometimes stay for months because no nursing home will take them and they're unable to live on their own and have no family support... and we can't ethically discharge them. I don't very much enjoy the babysitting of dangerously confused pts who don't need acute medical care without the assistance of PCAs.
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    I just graduated from school and am about to start in august on a medical floor for the first time- I'm so scared! My first choice was pediatrics, but I'm beginning to look forward to it.
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    I am a brand new Med/Surg nurse, I just graduated in May. It is split up in my hospital, and I am on the Medical Unit. I'm feeling pretty intimidated by the patient load and how busy my floor is! There is *never* an empty bed, the hospital is growing. Luckily, it seems like most of the nurses are really helpful and supportive, and we have a really caring management and administration team. I will probably try something else in the future, maybe critical care, but I want to get at least a year or two of good experience!
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    Hi all,
    I am an old fart that is new to nursing. I graduated from an ADN program in Dec of 08 and passed the NCLEX in Jan,09. I started an internship on a med surg/oncology unit in Feb, 09. While I am a new nurse, I feel like I have finally "come home". I love what I do even though some days are not easy and I occassionaly wonder what I have done to myself. I go home exhausted with my feet killing me, but I am up the next morning proclaiming my love for my job. I am currently in an online RN-BSN program. While I love med surg and all its' craziness, I have a particular love for gerontology (the older I get, the more I love it :chuckle). I hope to someday specialize in that area. I wish I had gone to nursing school 25 years ago.
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    I graduated in Aug 2006 passed my boards Oct 2006 and am was 41 when I graduated. I have been working on the same Med/Surg floor since I started as a tech while in nursing school. I am now the charge nurse. Never thought I would like Med/Surg, the ER has always held my heart, but I love my job!!
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    hi this is heiferbunny from alabama and i have been in medsurg for five years and i absolutely love it
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