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Med-Surg Roll Call - page 15

Hi all ... thought it was about time to have a Med-Surg roll call .... please repond by telling us if you work in med-surg .... how long you have been there and if you plan on staying in med surg... Read More

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    I have been a medical surgical telemetry nurse for five years now.
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    I have been a med/surg nurse for a year. Started in a teeny tiny 15 bed unit but low census meant I was spending more time floating to the psych floor toward the end. Six months later, I got a position in a huge hospital on a 36 bed gyn/med/surg unit. Majority of our patients are med/surg most of the time. I like it but am already starting to feel burned out by things like "bedside handoff" which meant I wasn't warned about the explosive temper of one of my patient's parents and tired of "service oriented" nursing which meant I use my time taking care of patient who complains the most instead of the patient who needs the most care. I have been told I "care too much" but I don't want to nurse if I can't spend a little time addressing a patient's fear and anxiety needs along with their obvious physical ones. <sigh> (it has been a long week)