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Med surg nursing getting more exhausting - page 2

Hi Please let me know if you feel the same about patients are getting sicker demanding unreasonable n short we are getting overworked day by day.mentally physically and emotionally drained... Read More

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    Wow! i must be really blessed to work in California. We have a nurseatient ratio of 5:1 on med/surg and 4:1 on tele. And this is WITH an aide.
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    I would LOVE to be at 5:1 (w/an aide). When I started on my floor we were told the manager was trying to get the ratio to 5:1, but in the past few months that has happened only a few times. Now the CEO is telling us that b/c of the sequestration, funding will be reduced, so we are on a hiring freeze. I have no expectation that the 5:1 ratio will happen now.