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Hi Please let me know if you feel the same about patients are getting sicker demanding unreasonable n short we are getting overworked day by day.mentally physically and emotionally drained... Read More

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    Quote from JTworoger

    Wow are you serious? The hospital that I work for just built a new hospital. We now have 7 stories with a department on each floor after the 4th floor. Our hospital layout has its pros and cons.

    1st Floor is ER/Surgery/Outpatient Services
    2nd Floor is: PCU, MICU (Medical), and SICU (Surgical)
    3rd Floor is: Women's Health (OB, GYN, Post Partum, and the baby children.)
    4th Floor is: Surgical Floor/Peds
    5-7 is the Medical floors.

    We have 36 private rooms on each of the 5,6,7th floors.

    ER ratio is 1:2-3 (Depending on acuity.)
    PCU is 1:4
    MICU/SICU 1:2
    Surgical 1:7
    Peds is 1:?? (Depends on the acuity)
    Medical 1:7

    There isn't a day we don't have a CNA, the CNA might have 14+ patients, but we still manage. The nursing sup always tries to give us over 7 patients, but the majority of us stick to our guns and refuse.

    Its not fair to have more patients then you can handle, its YOUR lisences not YOUR managers or CEOs liscences, YOURS.

    There is no possible way the nurse can assess all his/her patients, give medications, call doctors, admit patients, discharge patients, start IVs, give IVPs every other hours for chronic pain seekers without a large patient load and no CNA. I would of quit months ago. lmao
    Six patients should be upper limit. Greedy ppl at the top have no clue what it takes to take good care of ppl >.>
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    Im seeing more and more IV drug users and ETOH withdrawals.. Like at least one a day. Their crazy behavior takes up all of my time and my sweet little old people barely see me. Makes me sick. Also makes me less and less empathetic. And seems like families are getting crazier too. Don't even get me started on family members. :/
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    We have 5 patients. If we are short a cna we will have 4 w total care. There is a 6 the patient that they have the nurses rotate. But they are smart and don't give you the 6th with active etoh or restraints etc. it's busy but doable.
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    Wow! i must be really blessed to work in California. We have a nurseatient ratio of 5:1 on med/surg and 4:1 on tele. And this is WITH an aide.
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    I would LOVE to be at 5:1 (w/an aide). When I started on my floor we were told the manager was trying to get the ratio to 5:1, but in the past few months that has happened only a few times. Now the CEO is telling us that b/c of the sequestration, funding will be reduced, so we are on a hiring freeze. I have no expectation that the 5:1 ratio will happen now.

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