Med-Surg nursing, a place where Innocence and Expertise collide

  1. The title says it all. At the time of writing this note, I've been a nurse for 7 years. I've done all types of nursing and this is where I find I've evolved to. New grads may be hired here but that's a gift. It's a gift because they bring true innocence to this field.

    I'm an experienced nurse. I feel honored to mentor nurses and keep the peace within the units of med-surg.

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  3. by   larniegrl
    Well said. I love mentoring, teaching something new to someone who genuinely wants to learn. I've only met 1 or 2 bad eggs, with LARGE egos that were new graduates. Most of these people got into nursing because they have a desire to help others.
  4. by   JosefVernon Hodgkins
    I think what you said was well said, in return. Thank you for the kudos because there is strength in numbers.
  5. by   furrie
    I just started in med surg, with 10 months in rehab under my belt (that's all). Your title for the thread made me think of conflict, specifically the word collide. What exactly did you mean?
  6. by   JosefVernon Hodgkins
    When I typed 'collide' into the title I mean no harm. 'First do no harm,' in all things.

    However if conflict is the only option to keep patients safe, healthy, and en route to their wished health care outcome ... good.

    Without conflict (on occasion), there can be no progress.