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Hi all! How many patients are you allowed to care of at a time on your med surg floor during days or nights? In our hospital, on days, we go up to 6 and night shift can take up to 7. Just curious. I work at a hospital near... Read More

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    5 - 9 patients on night shift in NY. We have 2-4 PCAs for the 36 bed unit depending on who calls in. No secretary and the PCAs do all the blood work.
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    Quote from yardienurse
    for the past month 10 both on days and nights I'm in NC
    Whaaaaaat???!! That's INSANE
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    5 on days. 7 max on nights.
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    I work on a general surgery floor but tend to get medical patients from time to time. We generally have 3-4 patients on day/evening shift. Night shift we try to keep it at 6 or below per nurse but all depends on what we have for staffing. Nurses have started out their day/evening shifts with 5 patients and have had as many at 8-9 patients on night shift when our floor is short staffed. Crazy some of the numbers that I have read on here!
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    I work in a unit the the ratio is 5:1. I think that's doable and enough.
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    5:1 days and 6:1 on nights, here in north Texas. If we are short that may increase by 1. All shifts have nurse aides.
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    6 during the day, 8-9 in the evening and 13 on the night shifts. I'm going crazy!!
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    13 during the night!!! It's not that bad!! For 13 patients there's a LPN and a nurse aid. We are the same team with 6-7 patients during the day.
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    I am on days, we are almost always at 6:1. We usually have 2-3 admissions/discharges per shift, that goes for days or nights.I would love to find somewhere where the max is 5:1 on days, as even that can be uber-challenging. 6 is just too much.

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