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Med/Surg certification HELP!

  1. 0 I did not pass the ANCC med/surg certification exam. And they are channging the exam content starting April 6.

    Is it a bad idea to maybe just take the CMSRN instead of the ANCC one? I don't know what to do.
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    Sorry you did not pass the exam. Did you take any study course?

    I guess you could try the CMSRN exam, but they both have the same pass rate at 80%, do you think it's easier? (not said in a snarky tone, honestly asking!)

    ETA: What is changing in the exam and how did you find this out?
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    The sample questions seem different from the website of the CMSRN and ANCC...and the CMSRN seems more med/surg like and questions that I actually reviewed for. A friend of mine said that the instructor at the review course she went to did say something like that about the CMSRN. I took a reviewed course a few months ago.

    On the ANCC website it says that they are changing the content.Medical Surgical Nurse - American Nurses Credentialing Center - ANCC
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    I checked out the link. Those questions are the updated ones, correct? They look different to me, more like the CMSRN.
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    Yes, That's the updated questions.
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    Yeah, they seem different.