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Looking forward to med-surg

  1. 1 Hello everyone, I just wanted to say I am looking forward to med-surg. I have a little while to go, I am only in my second year of college. I spent time shadowing a lot of nurses and decided that when I graduate med-surg is for me. Out of all the specialties that I have shadowed and asked questions about, I think this specialty will afford me with the greatest opportunity to learn several different and challenging skills. What I find odd is that I am the only one in my class that has any interest in this area. Everyone I talk to is trying to be an anesthetist. Any advice on skills I can work on now? Thank you for your time, Frank.
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    That's where the money is at. That's why they're interested.
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    I too am the only one in my class that is interested in med-surg. Everybody else want to work in L&D or pedi. I absolutely love med-surg!!!!
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    I only want to work in the emergency setting or administration, lol.
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    First, I would like to applaud you for recognizing that M/S is indeed a speciality. Join your local chapter of AMSN to network and gain valuable knowledge. Be receptive to learn everything thrown at you. Good Luck
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    Is there anybody in Los Angeles? One of my friends, she is working for a RN school as Med-surg instructor, but she said she needs one more person for Med-Surg. Anyone interested?