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  1. HI i am trying to figure out what each type of nursing involves
    I have done some searches on these threads and the internet but have not found out a ton
    please tell me what med surg is and where i can find the thread on allnurses that explains telemetry , all the different ICUs many different avenues
    forgive me in advance for my ignorance
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Med-Surg is the general name given to acute care floors..............usually the patients do not have cardiac monitors.
    There are intensive cares for almost every area of the body, some facilities will only have a medical ICU and a surgical ICU. Other facilities may offer Nursery ICU, Peds ICU, Coronary Care ICU, which may include post-open heart surgery patients or may not, or they mayhave a separate unit just for that, neurosurg ICU, respiratory ICU, etc.

    Telemetry units usually have portable monitoring units so that the patients can ambulate. These are what they usually refer to as step-down patients, acuity is not as high as the ICU, but they are higher than the med-surg floor. In most ICUs they are hard-wired meaning that the patient has only so many feet that they can move around the bed. They are hooked up to monitors that are on the wall.

    Hope that this helps to give you the basics.