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Our unit manager called a mandatory staff meeting today to basically tell us we should all be grateful we have jobs. She cited the rationale that the hospital is loosing money as our patients are not... Read More

  1. by   jjensen
    People will still get sick and go to the hospital. People will still need surgery and go to the hospital... RN's will still have jobs... My hospital goes through phases where we are low census and get PTO then the next week they are offering bonuses up to 10 bucks more an hour for us to fill the holes... One thing for sure is that we will have jobs because people will be going to the hospital...
  2. by   marmsgirl
    Our hospital is cutting back.. They started cutting back actually last year. We dont get a employee party this year . Yes I am thankful to have my job espically when i see so many of my friends (non nursing) who are losing their jobs.
  3. by   jrbl77
    we have not had this talk, yet- but other friends that work at other hospitals have. There are always rumors floating around and I have heard that at my hospital they are looking for any way to get rid of nurses they can. no replacements just continue to work with fewer staff members taking care of sicker patients. I don't mind working hard, but there is a limit and I have just about reached mine. Part of me loves nursing, but the other pasrt says why are you still doing this. I no longer check my bp as I probaly don't want to know how high it is. Today I wokred with 2 newer nurse and along with my patient load i fielded questiosns from them. I don't mind helping others, but when the shoe is on the other foot- where are they when i need help. I found what could be a potential fatal error when reviewing a pca pump with another nurse, the pt would have recieved 6 times the dose if i had not checked it with her. I am often pelased to hear from pts and their families how much they appreciate the care that i give. I still try to turn my patients every 2 hrs, walk them in the halls, brushe their teeth and shave them. I know these are little things, but I would want my parents to have this basic care provided for them if they are unable. with each tech or cna having 15 or more patinets, baths etc are no longer important. The last 2 shifts I have worked, i have let 2 patients in bed as itwas physicallyimpossible to find the time or staff to help get them up.I have never done this before. Sorry this is long, but I am really frustrated. I was told by fellow co workers to just shut up, smile and keep working. It is 3 am and i can't sleep. wonder why?
  4. by   diane227
    Well so far they have not cut any staffing of any type. We are VERY LUCKY that we have a very supportive manager that goes to work for us. We have a 4:1 or 5:1 ratio on our med surg floor. Our hospital (very small county hospital outside Seattle) actually made money last year. I don't get much of a raise but I am not loosing money. But it is something on your mind all the time. I feel very blessed.
  5. by   LLawsor520
    Yeah, we received that same talk about our hospital loosing money and that they would try to keep staff. I was the last hired and first to let go. Now I am doing agency work w/ a couple of agencies. Work assignments tend to be more LTC w/ one or two hospital MS assignments. It's not the greatest thing but at least I'm still getting some experience with nursing. I have only been a nurse for 1.5 yrs. It's depressing. I have never been let go from a job before.
  6. by   Cinqly
    Quote from suni
    we also have been told that we will not be hiring, to try to be more aware of the budget and edcuational expenses are on a long hold. I would hate to be graduating this year and trying to find a job.
    I think some positions will be eliminated due to attrition but like everyone else I am glad I have a job.
    I am graduating this may and currently trying to find a job. Seriously, out of some 85 graduates there are like, maybe 10 that have solid jobs. Keep in mind I live in a huge urban area with 7 hospitals. Of course, that means there are as many nursing schools graduating is hitting us big time. It used to be you had the pick of the litter here, but not so anymore. I will take whatever is offered to me! Wish me luck!