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Help on consent forms?

  1. 0 Hi all,

    New grad here. Since there are so many GI/OR procedures, how would I know whether I'd need a consent form for the pt or not (for a certain procedure)? Will doctor notify me ahead of time to get pt's consent?

    Thank you for any response.
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    On my floor, the surgeon has to put in an order for the consent. It will specify the procedure so the consent form is accurate. We also have pre made consents for common procedures, lap appys, EGDs, that kind of thing. The doc still has to put in the order, but it saves us some writing.Every facility will be different, though, so ask your charge nurse if you have questions.
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    Your facility has you obtaining consent or are you just responsible for witnessing the consent? That's just wrong on so many levels if it's the first scenario. Getting consent should be the responsibility of the physician; your signature merely says that you witnessed the patient signing the consent.