Eating on the Night Shift - page 2

I recently began working full time night shift again after several years, and work three twelve hour shifts a week, 7p-7a. I am having a problem with my eating pattern since I began staying up all... Read More

  1. by   ICURN1028
    When I used to work night shift I would wake up around 5:30pm, go to work, and have dinner (full meal that I would bring from home) between 9-11pm depending on how stable everything was at that time. Then around 2-3am I'd have a snack (nuts, fruit with PB, deli meat/cheese) to hold me over. I'd usually get home by 8am and eat a small bowl of cereal/milk and then head to bed. I agree with keeping yourself hydrated no matter what shift you work! I found it easier to transition back to "life on days" if I ate a dinner at work, snack in the early AM to hold me over, and "breakfast" before heading to bed. Snickers is absolutely delicious but a protein/complex carb snack will definitely be a better option!
  2. by   caffeinatednurse
    When I worked 7p-7a, I usually ate "breakfast" around 5:30pm (after waking), then my "dinner" around midnight. Around 3am, I would have a protein-filled snack and a small source of caffeine (like a small cup of coffee) to stave off the dreaded 4-5am wave of fatigue. If the unit was a mad house, I would have "dinner" around 2am and eat a snack on the way home. I carried a large thermos that I filled with ice water with me to remind myself to drink plenty of fluids. I still lost tons of weight, though. That's the only time I've ever went from a medium-sized scrub to a small-sized scrub in such a short period of time.

    I'm going back to 7p-7a shift later this month. I will probably keep the same eating habits, but add protein shakes into my routine this time.